[0:00] Welcome to Season number five of the Amplify Your Awesome podcast! To celebrate the big day, I have eight jam-packed mini-episodes for you to enjoy.

Our first guest is Todd Ross, who’s gone from Marine Corps and corporate to now helping employees become entrepreneurs.

[1:54] Todd’s backstory and journey to entrepreneurship

[2:21] The 4-letter word Todd had to overcome to make the shift from employee to entrepreneur

[3:47] Who Todd serves helps others transform and increase joy

[5:00] Todd’s #1 [and #2 ] Tips for building a business that stays true to the real you and allows all your awesome to shine through

[6:31] Connect with Todd on his website, ToddVRoss dot com.

[7:31] Don’t miss out on the next episode, where you’ll meet Wendy Guth, who has gone from corporate meeting planner to transformational travel coach.

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