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Ready to see yourself in a brand new way?

Your Human Design Chart, aka Bodygraph, represents your unique energy blueprint – the secret codes of YOU!

Think of it as your personal roadmap, a navigational tool to help you step into the spotlight of the life you know you’re meant to lead so that YOU can live your heartsong ✨

Here’s what to do next:

(1) Read through the FAQs below to find out more about Human Design, what to expect, and the first steps to looking at your chart 

(2) Generate Your Chart by completing the form

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xo, Yong

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What is Human Design?

Within you lies a secret code…a code not known by many.

When you discover this secret code, you unlock a whole new understanding of yourself and your irreplaceable role in the world.

This secret code is known as Human Design

Human Design is a robust system synthesizing both Eastern and Western Philosophies including Astrology, iChing, Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, and the Chakra System.

Just like fingerprints, these codes are unique to you. This code reveals how you were designed to live your life to its fullest – not in a limiting way, but in an expansive way.

There's so much information on my chart! Where do I begin?

Once you enter your birth information below, your unique chart will be generated. In addition, you’ll receive some high level overviews describing different parts of the chart.

I invite you to sit with your chart once it’s generated. Really take in all the pieces. Get curious. 

Here are some questions to guide your exploration:

– Does your breathing change? 

– What sensations do you notice in your body? 

– Where do you notice any sensations?

– Is there a recognition of yourself in the image?

– Do the descriptions of you resonate? 

– Record any experiences, a-has, etc. you may have to remember the feeling of seeing yourself in this way.

Everyone has a unique experience the first time seeing their chart. Any, all, or none of the above is ok. This is about seeing yourself in a new way.


What do I do next? I have so many questions and want to learn more about myself and what my chart means.

Once you’ve spent some time with your chart, I invite you to download it so that you can access it any time you desire.

Be sure to check your email as I’ll be sharing a series called, “Decoding You,” to help you decode some chart fundamentals to guide to your learning.

For example, within your chart are clues to helping you make aligned decisions, how to communicate, the gifts you’re here to give the world, how to tap into motivation and maximize your energy, grounding yourself when you feel untethered, what you value in your relationships and this is just scratching the surface.

If you’re someone that wants to go further, faster, get your questions answered, and integrate more of you into your life or business, I’ve got you! 

I invite you to schedule a time to chat and discover if working together makes sense for both of us. 


Ready to get the secret codes to you? Just enter your birth information below to generate your Human Design Chart.