Crafting Energy Hygiene Rituals That Work For You


Do you have daily rituals in place to improve the quality of your well-being?

We are, after all, human BEings, yet we operate so often as human DOings.

Well-being (noun) is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

Yet, societally, familialy, and even culturally, taking care of our well-being is often perceived as being selfish, shameful, or a cause for guilt.

When we take the time to engage in activities daily that improve the quality of our well-being, the results are numerous.

Yong Pratt - Moving with the Muses

In Case You’re New Here…

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Why Energy Rituals?

💚 When we feel happier and healthier, we tend to love ourselves more, which in turn increases the love we can bestow on others.


💚 When we feel happier and healthier, we tend to value ourselves (our worth) more, which in turn increases our capacity to serve at a higher level.


💚 When we feel happier and healthier, we tend to stand more firmly in our truth, which in turn increases our capacity to live from a place of alignment.


So why then, do we tend to avoid the things that will make us happier and healthier?


Because it’s easy Not to…


This week, we’re diving into crafting simple daily rituals to improve the quality of your well-being using the energy hygiene practices we’ve been exploring for the last several weeks.


I’m here to support you in stepping back into yourself, into that leading role of your life – into your spotlight, in the most aligned and authentic way possible.

What would your life look like if…

you made the choice to intentionally craft energy hygiene rituals that work for you?

For me, my life would look…

🦋 much more peaceful and organized

🦋 I would take more regular breaks during my day to focus on self-care and relaxation, thereby reducing stress levels.

🦋 I would also be more mindful of how my thoughts and emotions are impacting the environment around me, and actively work to keep negative energies at bay.

🦋 Additionally, I would be better able to recognize when it’s time to put down my phone or laptop and disconnect from technology in order to recharge and restore balance.

By taking these steps, I believe that my life would become much calmer, healthier, and energized.

It’s easy to forget


Many of us forget about or neglect tending to our energetic hygiene, and yet it is so vitally important for maintaining balance and wellbeing. Our energetic hygiene involves practices such as grounding ourselves, shielding ourselves from negative energy, setting boundaries with others, expressing our emotions healthily, and clearing out any stagnant energy. When we don’t take the time to tend to our energetic hygiene on a regular basis, we can become unbalanced and overwhelmed by negative emotions or energies. Allowing ourselves the time and space to practice good energetic hygiene can help us keep our energy levels steady and balanced.


Daily energy hygiene rituals can help promote greater well-being because they provide an opportunity to take a pause during the day and become more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These rituals allow us to create a space for self-reflection and inner work that can lead to increased understanding of our mental and emotional states. Additionally, by taking time out of the day to practice energy hygiene rituals such as meditation or journaling, we are able to reduce stress levels in our lives which can benefit physical health as well as mental health. Daily energy hygiene rituals can be simple but powerful tools for cultivating holistic wellbeing.

        Why is it so difficult?


        Implementing new habits, even when we know they’re good for you requires you to re-evaluate our priorities and break old patterns, which isn’t always easy. Finally, it’s important to remember that establishing any new habit involves patience since it usually takes time before it becomes an ingrained part of daily life.

        Finding true well-being requires more than just physical health and self-care. Energy hygiene is a practice that centers around discovering issues within the body’s subtle energy system as well as understanding our connection with the world around us. 

        Crafting Your Own Rituals


        Crafting your own personalized energy hygiene ritual can be very beneficial. It allows you to create a practice that is tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, allowing you to get the most out of your time and efforts. You will better understand how energy works in your body and environment, allowing you to make changes that are effective for your personal well-being. This practice can help reduce stress and increase relaxation.

        Additionally, it can help strengthen intuition and expand creativity. When done intentionally, creating an energy hygiene ritual can bring balance, harmony and peace into our lives and create a space where we feel safe letting go of anything that no longer serves us. This process can also be used to energize us with positive intentions for our highest potential.

        Rituals differ from habits or routines in that they are usually more meaningful, intentional and often have a spiritual significance. The most important factor is finding an activity or several that feel good and work FOR you.

        This practice is NOT about creating more work for it. It’s about creating space in your body for being more you and letting go of any energy or feelings that don’t belong to you.


          My Personal Energy Hygiene Routine

          As I learn to trust my body and intuition more, my daily routine varies, yet includes any or all of the following practices. I know that for me, if I don’t do at least some of these before beginning any creative work, I don’t always get around to them, which can leave me feeling frustrated and unfocused.

          Try these practices on to see how they feel to you. If not, choose something else that works for you and your energy. After all, crafting these rituals is about YOU and feeling more yourself.

          🌱A walk in nature

          🌱Sun Gazing (at sun up or sun down)

          🌱Myofascial release aka bodyrolling using a foam roller, body sphere, or pinky ball

          🌱EFT tapping

          🌱Dance aka feel good movement


          🌱Contemplating an element of my Human Design

          🌱A bodyweight workout with my girls

          🌱Grounding (standing barefoot on the ground weather permitting)

            Now it’s YOUR turn


            As an Embodied Business Guide, my role is to help you reclaim your authentic self so that your business is a reflection of the truly unique person you are. While I’ve shared my the personal energy hygiene routines that work for me, I invite you to get curious about what you would love to incorporate into your life. And I’d love to know which practices work for you. Comment below or shoot me a message over on Facebook and let me know.


            Until next time, go out there today and shine the light within you out into the world a little brighter ✨

            xo, Yong