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Get actionable tactics and strategies with real-world examples and success stories of business owners (and their kiddos) transforming their lives and businesses fast. You'll learn ways to save time and money by simplifying, automating, and leveraging assets (like your own kiddos) inside your business and your life. It's time to find out what YOU can create In a Weekend! Be sure to subscribe to the In a Weekend Podcast so you never miss and episode.

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Don't let your amazing content AKA Message (i.e., videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.) be one and done! Learn how to leverage your content by Multiplying Your Message via smart automations and distributing it in the places your people hang out. This monthly action-packed done-with-you implementation accelerator (M3 - Multiply MY Message) will guide you through the tactics and strategies behind getting the most out of every single piece of content, saving you TIME & MONEY.

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Need help Multiplying YOUR Message? Whether you need help with your podcast, your blog, or your book, we have your back. Get the support you need most by enlisting the help of the ninjas at Our Young Creators. You'll be paired with a Young Creator who will ensure that you stay in your Zone of Genius, make you look good - all with less time and effort on your part. Not only will you be leveraging your time but you'll also be supporting a Young Creator on their quest to create and fund their own adventures!

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