[0:00] Chocolate bars, M&Ms, and your content. What do they have in common? Today you’re going to find out that your content has more in common with chocolate bars and M&Ms than you may have thought possible. Are you ready to dive into this delicious episode?

[2:05] Update on Yong’s 5 AM Club Experiment. Listen to the full episode NOW

[7:24] Your primary content = one chocolate bar. How many do you have? Share inside Yong’s Community, the Arena of Awesome

[8:06] The forgotten chocolate

[9:01] Do you have all your chocolate bars in one convenient location?

Need a suggestion? Ask inside the Arena

[9:31] Chocolate squares to share

[10:39] Could you break off and share 3 little squares of your big chocolate bar today?

Share your squares inside the Arena of Awesome

[11:42] A tool to help you with sharing your chocolate squares on social by my friend and fellow podcaster, Deb Laflamme

[13:37] Breaking your chocolate squares into even smaller bits (i.e., M&Ms)

[13:54] How easy content gold mining can be when you think about your content like chocolate

[14:17] Quickly and easily filling your content calendar with the content you ALREADY Have

[16:21] Content Gold Mining Example: Video

[17:47] Need help with live video?

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[18:55] Automation versus relationship building and Yong’s big mistake

[20:14] Content Gold Mining Example: Audio

[21:15] Appealing to MORE people by sprinkling your delicious chocolate bars, chocolate squares, and M&Ms across the interwebs

[22:31] Yong’s cautionary tale and why you should NOT do what she did

[23:39] Come share your primary social platform and traffic-driving platform inside the Arena of Awesome 

[26:53] Two steps to choosing your primary social platform and traffic-driving platform

[27:55] Your Action Items for today. Share your chocolate inside of the Arena of Awesome

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