We’re all digital hoarders.

We have files on our computers, in Dropbox, Google Drive, and scattered across the internet on multiple social media platforms.

We have so much content scattered everywhere that we often don’t know where to find our content when we need it! 

Or worse, we waste time reinventing the wheel by creating new content that replicates content we already have because we’ve forgotten what we’ve already created.

This week, I’ll be sharing how storing your content in one central place has many benefits for both you and your business.

I’m also going to share a tool you can request to help you centralize your awesome content at the end of the video.

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Hi there Amplifier! 

I’m Yong Pratt, the chief content gold miner and podcast host at Amplify Your Awesome. Here at AYA, we help Content Creators organize, systematize, and monetize their awesome content so that they can ditch content chaos and overwhelm for good. We do this using our Content Gold Mining Framework inside our done with programs.

The benefits of storing all your digital assets together

There are a number of benefits to storing all your digital assets together in a central location and they fall into 3 main categories: Access, Time, and Money or as I like to call it your Content ATM

  1. Access

One of the biggest mistakes content creators make is only storing their digital assets in “borrowed” spaces.

Social media is borrowed space, however, the number of people relying on these borrowed spaces is the epitome of “risky business.”

Not only are these spaces borrowed, but access can also be revoked at any time or outages prevent access to your awesome content. Both of these scenarios leave you and your content extremely vulnerable.

Your content belongs to YOU and having a secure location to access every single piece you create in a location YOU own is of utmost importance. 

The easiest way to access all your awesome content is to use a cloud-based solution like Google Drive. That way you can access your content no matter where you are or the device you’re using.

  1. Time

    Wasting time searching for your awesome content can be a HUGE time suck. I’ve gone down this rabbit hole too many times myself and want to save you from this frustrating task.

There’s nothing worse than knowing you created an awesome piece of content, go to search for it, and it’s nowhere to be found 🤦‍♀️

Storing all your digital assets together in a central location ensures that all of your content is easy to find when you need it, saving you and your team time.

For years now, I’ve been using a simple Google Spreadsheet to store all my content and it’s the first thing I have my clients do as well. 

Without fail, my clients cry every time they see all their content in one location. They cannot believe just HOW much they’ve created and this sense of accomplishment goes a long way in helping them understand the value of everything they’ve created.

Once their content is centralized, it becomes easy for them to see the enormous potential their content has especially with regards to monetizing it.

Request a copy of this spreadsheet HERE

DISCLAIMER: In the beginning stages of centralizing your content, you will need to dedicate some time to this process and a great deal of patience will be required. While it’s not a difficult process, it can be a bit tedious.

Just remember that the end result of having all your content centralized is nothing short of amazing and it’s oh, so empowering!

Next week, I’ll share a simple strategy for delegating this task.

  1. Money

    Let’s face it. Creating content takes time. YOUR time (or that of your team) and it’s valuable. So many content creators reinvent the wheel every.single.day.

    They re-create content because it can’t be found or they’ve simply forgotten they created it in the first place.

Being able to see your content in a central location and not having to re-create content you’ve already created frees up space in your schedule to provide additional products or services to your clients.

Once you see all your content in a centralized location, you’ll start to see the enormous potential to turn your content into a money-making machine. – Your Content ATM

How do I store everything in one place?

There are many different ways to store all your digital assets – your awesome content –  together in one central location. 

And the good news is that it’s never been easier.

It’s never been easier to store all your digital content in one place, with many different storage providers that offer cloud storage at incredibly low prices. 

Let me tell you why it’s worth it-no longer will you have to worry about backing up everything because it will be done for you by the company hosting your files, which means less work for you!

When choosing a centralized storage system that works for you, here are 3 things that will help:

  1. Start with what tools ALREADY have 

The number of tools you could use to centralize your content grows almost daily it seems. Make a list of all the tools you already use or have purchased. There’s no need to go searching for that one “perfect” tool. It doesn’t exist.

  1. Choose one ONE tool and stick to it for a minimum of 90-days

    Pick the one tool that’s easiest for you to learn or even better, one tool that you use every day already. For me, that tool is Google Drive.

I spent a great deal of time setting up and learning Trello, Asana, and countless others over the years. Because they weren’t already part of my daily routines, sticking to these new tools was tough.

As a daily user of Google Drive, it made sense for me to centralize all my content there. I can access ALL my content any time I need.

  1. Commit to using the tool regularly by scheduling the task in your calendar.

    No matter which tool you choose, schedule dedicated time each week to add any new content to your central storage location. Set up a recurring task on your Calendar with notifications to remind you to do it. After all, a tool is only good when you use it.

Storing all your content in one location ensures that you have access to all of it anywhere where there’s internet access, making sharing easier and more accessible. It also saves time by minimizing the amount of time spent looking for things or creating duplicate content. 

The best way to fully understand how important storing all your digital assets together is and s? Try it! 

If you’re ready to get started with centralizing your awesome content and want to want to put this Content ATM strategy into place in your business?

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