It’s #techtiptuesday and I have something special to celebrate with you!

Happy Tuesday studio owners and welcome to another #techtiptuesday!  Today I’m in full celebration mode for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that my youngest just turned 11 today and she celebrated by having her friends sleep over and celebrate the day with her and in just about 30 minutes we’re going to have a family celebration and everyone is coming out to our house for a barbecue but I wanted to make sure I hopped on today to tell you about something really exciting.

Are you ready for it?

Well if you’ve been following me for anytime you know that I’ve been talking a little bit about blogging and really how important it is for your studio business to be doing a blog.  Well, the good news is I have been so inspired by all of you asking your questions about blogging and really being eager to make blogging part of your studio marketing plan. And yes it’s part of an overall plan and one piece of the puzzle to really get your studio to market it properly anyway.

So tomorrow, Wednesday, I’m gonna hop on live again, which I don’t normally hop on live on Wednesdays, but I wanted to let you know that starting tomorrow I’m opening up the doors to my FIRST EVER LIVE Masterclass.

This Master Class is gonna be four weeks of live training with me, some Q and A sessions where we really go step by step and I’ll be holding your hand Every step of the way to make sure that your blog goes live and get this…just four weeks time.

I know that there are some of you out there who been thinking about blogging and having it on your wish list for literally years now. So let’s make 2017 this summer that your studio blog goes LIVE!

I’m going to be coming back on tomorrow to announce all the details but just wanted to hop on just to say hi and to celebrate the day of my daughter’s birthday and to celebrate this new chapter in the Tech Savvy Studio Owner journey with our first ever LIVE 4-week blogging Master Class. If you’re interested in blogging and getting a blog up and running for your studio in just four weeks time we’ll be launching the blogs the last week, the last full week I should say, of July.  So we’re gonna be starting right after the Fourth of July – diving deep, working fast, taking massive action, and getting massive results from our actions. So there you have it my friends…

For those of you I haven’t met yet my name is Yong Pratt, and for the past 16 years I have been running my own performing arts school in Northeastern Nevada. Recently, I’ve started helping fellow studio owners, just like you, tackle their technology and tame once and for all.  And other than the question about where do I find a Virtual Assistant, blogging is one of that top questions I address most often so tomorrow be on the lookout. I’ll be back live to share the details of my first ever Four Week LIVE blogging master class. I hope you’ll be joining me inside the course and I will chat with you tomorrow.

Cheers my friends!