193 – Kids and Anxiety: Fact vs Fiction

Parents – if your kids are dealing with anxiety, or you think they may be, this episode of the podcast is a must listen.

Joy Acaso, a psychotherapist and parenting expert, shares what anxiety is along with tips to help your kiddos overcome anxiety.

189 – How to Find Yourself at Any Age with Sheri Dyas Mellott

Have you even been stuck in a rut? 

Maybe you feel you’re too old/too young to do that thing you’ve been dreaming of since you were little?

On today’s podcast, Sheri Dyas Mellott shares 3 tips to finding yourself at any age.

186 – She made me do it..

She made me do it…

Ready to get out of your comfort zone?

Tasha Cole AKA TCKnows, host of the Break the Cycle with TCKnows Podcast, and I are hosting a FREE FB live video challenge starting on December 10. Tune in to the episode for all the details then head over to bit.ly/100daysoffblive to join in on the fun.

184 – Meet FamilyPreneur, Meg Brunson

Meet FamilyPreneur, Meg Brunson. She’s the founder and CEO of EIEIO Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on Facebook Marketing for family-focused businesses.

Meg is the mom of 4 little ladies, a former FB employee, and started the FamilyPreneur Podcast after helping her daughter launch her first business at the age of 10.