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3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast

Don’t start a podcast!!!


Say what???



It seems like everyone you look these days, someone (maybe even someone you know), is starting a podcast. Doesn’t it?


While there are many valid reasons why a podcast may make sense for you, there are many reasons why you should NOT.


Today, we’re diving into my top 3 reasons why you should NOT start a podcast.


And if you want 10 more reasons why you should NOT start a podcast, grab our free guide by clicking the image below.

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[0:06] If you and Yong were to sit down tomorrow and have a conversation, could you tell her three reasons why you want to start a podcast?

[0:42]  What are your top three reasons that you want to start a podcast?

[1:10] The conversation we're going to have is one that needs to happen much more often, especially with the popularity of podcasts growing by the day.

[1:34] Today’s topic: 3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast

[1:49] Reason number one why you should not start a podcast and it’s a doozy! Even Yong had to overcome this one and dive deeper into WHY she wanted to start a podcast.

[4:00] Reason number two, why you should not start a podcast.

[5:19] The types of podcasts you’ll find on Yong’s personal podcast playlist. 

[5:36] Why your one-thing matters and why podcasting might make sense for you 

[6:37] Reason number three why you should not start a podcast - it’s a concept Yong talks a ton about

[7:03] How not to end up on Comparison Island - tune into Episode #146, entitled, "Stay in Your Own Lane,"

[7:36] Get the show notes at http://www.yongpratt.com/234

[8:27]  So how did you do? Think back to the top three reasons why you want to start your podcast that you declared at the beginning of this episode.

[8:38] Were they different than what I shared on today's episode?

[8:42] Were they the same?

[8:45] Does this episode, change your mind about podcasting?

[8:51] Let me know, over at http://www.yongpratt.com/234 

[8:58] Quick episode recap of the three reasons why you should NOT start a podcast. 

[9:35] If you want 10 more reasons why you should not start a podcast, head over to http://www.yongpratt.com/234 and grab our must-read free guide, 13 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast. 

[10:11] Next week, Sandra Centorino of Real Women Go Live and I dive into the power of using live video. If you're anything like Yong was just a few years ago, and the thought of showing up on live video scares the bejesus out of you, you definitely do not want to miss this interview 

10:39  Until then, grab 13 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast

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13 reasons why you should not start a podcast by Yong Pratt

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4 Strategies to Beat the Back to School Blues

4 Strategies to Beat the Back to School Blues

[0:08] School’s back in session which means shifting from easy breezy and laid back to frenetic and filled with multiple schedules to manage

[0:41] Yong’s struggles with getting back into a routine now that my girls are back into school  

[1:38] On this episode, Yong shares 4 strategies she’s using to regain control over her schedule

[3:40] How Yong is entering a new season of life  

[4:14] Strategy #1 

[6:13] Strategy #2  

[7:23] Strategy #3  

[9:39] Strategy #4 

[11:10] Speedy recap of today’s episode  

[13:11] Let’s continue the conversation. Share your best tips and strategies for getting back into the swing of things at http://www.yongpratt.com/233  

[13:29] Next week we’ll chat about how to keep moving forward when things don’t go as planned

To return or not return….

To return or not return….

[0:02] To return or not return…that is the question. Today on episode 232 of the In a Weekend Podcast, I’m going to talk about how to determine whether or not you want to return to a conference or a live event you’ve just attended. Plus, I’m going to share my top takeaways from podcast movement. 2019.



[1:00] Shoutout to Hani Mourra of Repurpose.io that invited us to attend Podcast Movement 2019 to help him at his booth!


[1:35] Attending Podcast Movement 2019 with my 16-year-old



[3:19] How to decide whether/not to re-attend an event again



[4:16] Consider your goals for attending in the first place



[4:52] How showing up differently for PM2019 made a huge difference



[8:20] How connecting with people and not attending sessions made a difference



[12:01] Yong’ declaration to the world 🙂



[12:36] Takeaway #1 from Podcast Movement 2019



[16:56] Takeaway #2 from Podcast Movement 2019



[21:41] What events have you loved attending?



[21:47] What events would you recommend for Yong to attend in the future?



[21:55] Let’s continue the conversation at http://www.yongpratt.com/232


Times They Are A Changing

“Everything changes and nothing stands still. It is in changing that we find purpose.” These are the wise words of late 6th century Greek philosopher, Heraclitus.


He also said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” 


Each day as we learn and experience life, we change ever so slightly as does the world around us. 


Welcome to episode #231 of the In a Weekend Podcast. I’m your host and queen of changes, Yong Pratt.


When I set out on this podcasting journey way back in 2013, I couldn’t even imagine where this road would lead and the changes it would bring to not only my life but yours, my dear viewers and listeners.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, podcasting is one of the very best gifts I could have given myself. Back on episode 099 I shared all the ways in which podcasting has been a gift. 


How do you feel about change?


I crave change and found that those around don’t quite feel the same. 


Back when I ran my brick and mortar performing arts school (which I did for 17 years) I was constantly changing our look – I’d move furniture, change up the art on the walls, change the window coverings and displays, rearrange things in the office in search of more efficiency, and more. 


It used to drive my staff, mostly those in admin positions, nuts!


As a creator, as a choreographer and teacher, I found my ability to create was impacted tremendously by my environment. If things stayed the same for too long, I would feel stuck and lack the necessary inspiration to create, especially to the degree I needed.


Changes Around the House


Whenever I made changes, I felt lighter, refreshed, and able to create freely one again. It didn’t do the same for my staff, though. It often stressed them out as I pushed them to grow and change and become more flexible – a necessary skill for those in business….


At home, I do the same. I make changes and move things around usually about once per quarter – sometimes more often, sometimes less.


Mostly I make changes in the kitchen, which drives my family a bit bonkers. My office often gets moved around as well.


Whenever I move and refresh these rooms, I feel so much inspiration. It’s at these times that the ideas for this podcast, the blog, for books, and for programs begin to flow and the process of creating becomes incredibly effortless.


If I’m not feeling like making a huge mess and need some quick inspiration, I’ll grab a book or head outside.



That’s not to say that there haven’t been times when I’ve resisted change, especially as it relates to business and the podcast.


I take my job as a podcast host seriously and want to provide value always. When it comes to changing things up on the podcast, I can get a bit uptight.


So here’s the deal. 


Things here on the podcast are about to change as I’ve changed and evolved on this journey. The podcast is about to enter into its 4th iteration as we pivot to focus on the topic of podcasting.


A podcast about podcasting?

Yep, and I’m super excited though it’s taken me some time to wrap the idea around my head.


I’ve really been resisting this pivot in focusing on podcasting because I didn’t want to proclaim my title as a podcasting mentor because I have been on a path of teaching how you can Multiply Your Message by repurposing the content you already have. Plus, in all honesty, I felt unworthy.


And I know what you’re gonna say, it’s all in my head. I’ve made up these stories about myself, my worth, and the value I bring as a podcaster and teacher.


How do I know this? 


I’ve spent a great deal of time lately interviewing people that have gone through our programs and those that have taken action using all our free resources to launch podcasts or ebooks.


Their outside perspectives into my business, the podcast, and my gifts, really helped me to see and understand my value as a teacher, as a podcaster, and as a mentor guiding others to become podcasters themselves, regardless of age.


That means we’ll be talking all things podcasting on this podcast and you’ll be hearing from many guest experts.


We’re also changing and up-leveling the services we offer. We’ll continue to offer done for you repurposing services PLUS we’re adding a done-for-you, hands-off, podcasting service which I’m super excited to offer. 


This new service, the name is top-secret for now, is not something I had ever considered before. 


When I launched our new facebook page, podcast automation ninja, I had a colleague reach out and present this idea to me. Again, it took an outside perspective from a trusted source that could clearly see my blind spots and opportunities I was missing.


Don’t worry, our signature program, Podcast in a Weekend will continue to be a top priority. In fact, enrollment in our next round opens up early this fall after the kiddos are back in school. Get on the Waitlist now 


For now, the podcast name will remain In a Weekend though a new name is coming soon because ch-cha-changes are constant and I’m embracing them.


What changes are you considering in your business or podcast?


Let’s continue this conversation about changes by commenting below.


Stay tuned for next week’s podcast where I’m gonna unpack our experience at Podcast Movement and share our top takeaways.