Multiplying Your Message with a Podcast

Multiplying Your Message with a Podcast

How Irena Miller is Multiplying her Message with a Podcast


[0:09] What you may have missed on previous episodes


[0:36] Today’s guest and Podcast In a Weekend Graduate, Irena Miller is here to share her story of using video to fuel the content for her business.


BONUS: Join Yong for a LIVE Q&A all about content creation and automation on Thursday, July 11 at 11:11 am PST. Watch now.


[1:26] Meet Irena Miller, an intuitive yoga teacher, and energy healer and host of the Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast


[2:17] Find out how long Irena had dreamed of having a podcast and what helped her launch


[5:57] Find out what helped Irena finally succeed at creating and launching her podcast


[7:23] Irena’s biggest takeaway from Podcast in a Weekend


[11:19] Who the Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast was created for?


[14:34] Finally, a podcast for the whole family


[15:54] If you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast, find out Irena’s advice on finally making a podcast a reality for you.


[18:05] Connect with Irena on her website, IrenaMiller.com

Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast

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4 Steps to Content Creation

[0:04] What comes to mind when you hear the word, “content?” Be sure to comment below and let me know what words/phrases come to mind for you.


[0:28] In today’s episode, we’re diving into the 4 Steps of Content Creation by simplifying and creating LESS content


[1:06] There’s good news and bad news when it comes to content creation


[1:19] The BAD news about content creation


[2:18] The good news about content creation


[2:42] Step 1 to Content Creation


[3:17] Step 2 to Content Creation


[3:49] Step 3 to Content Creation


[4:22] The 4 Steps to Content Creation


[4:30] What you need to make step 4 work for you


[6:40] Today’s Action Steps  


[7:02] I want you to write down how you want that to work. Are you going to invest in tools? Are you going to hire help? What does that look like?



[7:11] Share your complete action steps with me over on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me @theyongpratt



[7:50] Next week on the podcast. I have a special guest to come and share her story of creating her very own podcast.



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224 – Leveling the Content Creation Playing Field

224 – Leveling the Content Creation Playing Field

Am I too old (or too young) to create content?


[1:30] If you’ve ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to creating content for your business, THIS episode is for YOU!



[1:41] Do you ever feel like you’re too old, too young, or just not good at creating content? Today, we’re going to level the content playing field.


[1:56] Something special is coming your way at the end of this episode


[3:30] Are you on the content creation hamster wheel?


[4:23] Get OFF the hamster wheel by creating LESS content, not more.


[4:53] What rollers coasters have in common with content creation


[6:30] Multiply Your Message examples


[7:35] A story of a 12-year old content creator


[9:18] Content creation is for ALL ages and something you can do to start today.


[10:22] Key takeaway and Action Steps from Episode 224


[10:46] Wanna become a Multiplier with me?


[11:38] How Yong multiplies her content and becoming the Superhero of YOUR business.


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223 – It’s Time to Multiply Your Message

[0:11] Now that you’ve learned to turn one piece of content into multiple forms…What’s next?

[1:08] Listener shout out from Kickbutt Leader. “Yong is an amazing podcast host. I love her mission of bringing families together through their electronic devices. Her interviews are always with interesting individuals with great suggestions, the podcast is a must have four families.”

[2:35] How this Multiply Your Message Series is impacting listeners

[3:07] Tell us your favorite way to transform your content. 

[4:01] Here’s a Podcast listener advantage 

[4:48] How the Multiplying Your Message Concept is helping our clients

[5:34] Content creation begins with simplifying…

[6:34] Want help implementing the Multiply Your Message Series?

[6:57] Get ready to Multiply YOUR Message in a BIG way (with our help).

[7:45] Apply for the New Implementation Accelerator at yongpratt.com/M3 

[9:06] M3 + Automation = a match made in heaven!  

[11:04] The possibilities that exist for you and your message in M3 are up to you…