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Why We’re Rebranding

Why We’re Rebranding

[0:00] Have you ever created a product, a service, a program or even a business? And in the beginning, you were so proud and so excited to share your baby with the world? 


[0:12] Then at some point, you realize that something’s not quite right. There’s just something amiss. You’ve missed the mark, and you can’t quite pinpoint it. What do you do? 


[0:26] Well, you continue business as usual, serving your clients to the best of your abilities. And then one day, seemingly out of the blue. The answer hits you. 


[0:37] That’s exactly how it’s been with our upcoming rebrand coming your way on February 17, 2020. 


[1:09] The backstory behind the rebrand and when the idea of Superpowers made its way into Yong’s world


[2:34] How Yong entered the online space  


[3:20] How Yong’s Aquarian qualities helped her to launch 3 courses and what she discovered 2019 


[4:17] The upcoming rebrand is all about helping you create a business built on your unique gifts, knowledge, experiences – your SUPERPOWERS! 


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[0:00] Have you ever created a product, a service, a program or even a business? And in the beginning, you were so proud and so excited to share your baby with the world?

[0:12] Then at some point, you realize that something's not quite right. There's just something amiss. You've missed the mark, and you can't quite pinpoint it. What do you do?

[0:26] Well, you continue business as usual, serving your clients to the best of your abilities. And then one day, seemingly out of the blue. The answer hits you.

[0:37] That's exactly how it's been. With our upcoming rebrand coming your way on February 17 2020. Welcome to episode number 256 of the In a Weekend Podcast. I'm your host, Yong Pratt and today we're diving deep into the upcoming rebrand of the podcast and the entire business. In order for you fully to understand the rebrand though, I do need to give you a little bit of a backstory....

[1:09] In 2013, I published my first ebook on Amazon. It was called raising a superhero, how to unleash your child eight superpowers and propel learning through the arts. This idea of unleashing superpowers in kids was at the core of my performing arts school and it had been since day number one.

[1:35] Until the book though, I wasn't able to articulate what we did and what we provided quite so eloquently. The idea of superpowers, those things that make us unique, who we are and why people resonate with us helped to create a much better understanding of the services we provided for our community. It helped parents understand how we were different in language that wasn't flowery or what my friend Kim White would call 'girl speak.'

[2:06] In fact, embracing the imagery of superpowers and referring to kids as superheroes opened up the minds of many dads that would never have been interested in looking to us for classes for their kids. The book launched on the same day we celebrated our brand new facility. It was just weeks before the end of the year performance, and we hosted a traveling dance troupe to help kick off this new chapter.

[2:34] It was a truly amazing time for me and the families at my studio. It wasn't long after though, that I kept getting nudges, some bigger than others had led me into the online space. Once I arrived, I served a couple of different niches: one for performing arts studio owners needing help with their tech; one for parents based on the contents of my book; and most recently, podcasting.

[3:04] While each of them lit me up in different ways, none quite hit the mark, which probably sounds super weird. I know there are some of you listening that has never swayed from your current business. And I give you kudos for that. I'm just not one of those.

[3:20] Maybe it's the Aquarian in me. As an Aquarian, I'm creative, free-spirited, innovative, and a seeker of knowledge with a focus on growth. The plus side of being an Aquarian means I can often see the gaps others don't, especially in business, and I love dreaming up innovative and creative ways to solve problems. Conversely, I'm often never satisfied, so I'm always searching.

[3:52] Last year, the Aquarian in me launched three In a Weekend classes: one for podcasting, one for collaboration, and one for creating ebooks. In the process, I learned that as much as I love podcasting and helping amazing business owners like you create and launch their podcasts [books and collaborations], what I really adore is the strategy that goes behind it.

[4:17] Helping you create a business built on your unique gifts, knowledge, and experiences is the focus of this new brand. And it's based on superpowers. That's right. It's based on your superpowers and mine and what we can create together. I never in a million years would have thought that my first book would literally be the catalyst for this new brand.

[4:47] Four years ago, I released my take on unleashing superpowers into the world in the form of an eBook and on February 17 this idea is coming full circle. Get ready to unleash your superpowers in a big way, and share your awesomeness with the world. In the coming episodes, I'll be revealing something special we have in store for you to embrace your superpowers and commemorate relaunch day with us. Next week, I'll be sharing more about what the rebrand means for you. Until then, I wish you an amazing day. Cheers.

You as Podcaster

You as Podcaster

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[0:50] So, you want to start a podcast, what’s holding you back?


[0:59] The time podcasting will take away from other projects or even from your family?


[1:10] Overwhelmed with the tech?


[1:17] Not sure you have enough to share on your own podcast?


[2:00] If you’re listening to this podcast on the go, make sure you save it, and re-listen and take action on the exercises


[2:15] This episode is all about gaining clarity on the reasons why you want to become a podcaster.


[2:23] Yong takes you back to 2013 and shares the story of her first podcast


[3:11] Yong’s Reason for starting a podcast #1


[3:32] Yong’s Reason for starting a podcast #2


[3:43] Yong’s Reason for starting a podcast #3


[4:24] What are three reasons why you want to start a podcast?


[4:37] Examples of reasons why people start podcasts


[5:10] Set aside time today to work through these 10-minute exercises to gain clarity about your podcast.


[5:35] Step number 1 to gain clarity about reasons why you want to start your podcast.


[6:10] Step number 2 to gain clarity about reasons why you want to start your podcast.


[6:48] Step number 3 to gain clarity about reasons why you want to start your podcast.


[7:10] Step number4 to gain clarity about reasons why you want to start your podcast.


[7:53] Don’t move onto Step 4 until you’ve finished Steps 1-4 😉


[8:12] Step number 5 to gain clarity about reasons why you want to start your podcast and then share your answer BELOW


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[10:06] Using video as a podcaster has so many benefits that I’ll be sharing during the challenge. Plus you’ll learn how to make your podcast a reality THIS month.


[10:32] If you want to become a podcaster, let’s make your dream a reality. Let’s do it together. And let’s do it fast. Not way off in the distant future but this year, and maybe even this month.


[10:5] Your podcast is closer than you think.


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[11:39] Two episodes are coming your way next week. Bonus episode on Monday and Thursday: Start with What you have…


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Are you pod-crastinating?

Are you pod-crastinating?

[0:04] Podcasting. You’ve thought about, perhaps even for years. You view it as a medium you can actually do and help others in the process. The idea of being a podcaster excites you, yet something stops you from moving forward and making your podcast a reality. You, my friend, are pod-crastinating. In this episode, I’ll share where I first learned this term, how to discover if you’re experiencing it, and how to overcome pod-crastinating.



[1:14] Before we dive into pod-crastinating, let’s chat about procrastinating.



[1:34] Exhaustion and burnout as a result of procrastinating



[2:58] Why do we do it? Why do we procrastinate, making things harder for ourselves?



[3:07] Find out where Yong first learned the term Pod-crastinating



[4:45] Podcasting now is all about having a clear strategy, being super-efficient, and hyper-focused on maximizing the work, I am already doing.



[5:35] Yong’s fav software that helps her auto-magically create MORE content without more work.



[6:45] Yong’s clients and students marvel at what repurposing has allowed them to do



[7:06] Episode recap.



[7:34] Podcasting, my friends, like any skill, is learnable.



[8:04] Why are you pod-crastinating? If you know that podcasting is something you want to make happen, maybe even before 2019 comes to an end, I want you to join me in my brand new super seven challenge. It’s a free seven day live streaming video challenge, where I’m going to hold your hand and support you on your journey into using live video consistently in your business.

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[11:07] Coming next week: YOU as Podcaster.


Are you afraid or are you a fraud?

Share your experiences about being afraid or a fraud in the comments below.


Your heart is racing, your mouth gets dry, your hands shake uncontrollably, and all you want to do is flee the scene – This my friends is fear – it’s your fight or flight mechanism at work. It’s meant to keep you safe and out of harm’s way yet sometimes fear stops us or rather we LET fear stop us from moving forward in our businesses.


Welcome to episode #236 of the In a Weekend Podcast. I’m your host, Yong Pratt, and this podcast is for you – my fellow dreamers, my fellow podcasters, to make your podcasting journey easier and faster than you thought possible.


Before we dive in, I want to give a great big shoutout to my accountability partner and biz besties, Nicole Thompson.


Nicole is the host of the Build Your Wealth Podcast and an expert at Print on Demand and teaching others how to start their own Print on Demand businesses. In one of our weekly accountability sessions, she shared an idea for an episode called are you afraid or are you a fraud. 


As soon as she said it, I immediately thought YES! This is a topic I need to record as well because it’s just sooo good.  So with Nicole’s blessing, here we are. 


Tune into previous episodes featuring Nicole:

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Episode # 217: A podcasting success story




It’s a 4 letter word that stops so many of us in our tracks. It consumes us. It taunts us. It often defeats us squashing our big hopes and dreams. But it doesn’t have to…


Have you ever stopped to think about the reasons you may experience fear?


I’m going to use myself as an example to illustrate a point.


Last fall, I was challenged by Kim White, another biz bestie, to create some sort of podcasting class that took newbies from 0 to podcast FAST. She wanted a podcast like NOW. She bluntly said she didn’t have time and wasn’t interested in the 8-week class I already had. She wanted something faster…


Couple this with another conversation I had with Ann Colin, a fellow performing arts studio owner, that made a comment that it would be cool to give families, my target audience at the time, the opportunity to experience the world of podcasting over a couple of days – like a weekend.


Voila – a couple of conversations with friends that saw my gifts and talents, knew my desires and passions, and my Podcast is a Weekend was born…


Fast forward a year and we now helped dozens of graduates create and launch their own Podcasts in just a Weekend.  Looking back, it seems silly to think that I had a ton of fear when launching the class.


Why? Because it turns out my fear was based on the fact that I felt like a total fraud.


Even though I had been podcasting since 2013, had been teaching for over 2 decades, and had systems and processes to simplify and automate my own podcast, I felt unworthy.


I let myself go to Comparison Island.


If this is the first time you’re hearing me talk about Comparison Island, you can listen here.


Basically I was comparing myself to the biggest names and teachers in podcasting – names you’ve likely seen in your feed or when you’ve followed links on Google.


  • I didn’t have millions of downloads on my podcast. 
  • I didn’t have millions of followers across social media.
  • I didn’t have thousands of people on my email list.


I totally felt like a fraud compared to these “gurus.” 


The little voice in my head kept me in fear mode:


  • Who am I to teach podcasting?
  • How could I possibly charge people to learn to podcast?
  • Who would want to learn from me?


When I say these things out loud now, I can hear how ridiculous it all sounds.


The self-deprecating tone, the fear, the feeling like a fraud…


And it turns out, it WAS all in my head.


During the first round of Podcast in a Weekend, we graduated 8 new podcasters with a 100% success rate!!! By the end of the weekend, all 8 had live podcasts.


These 8 women changed my life in ways I can barely put into words. They helped me to own my abilities. They helped me validate my class. They led me to believe in myself so I no longer felt like the fraud I *thought* I was.


I learned it was possible to go from idea to launch in mere weeks. 


It didn’t need to take months or years and I certainly didn’t need to earn another degree to feel worthy of launching and teaching a class. 


What about you?


Can you relate to my story? I know so many women who stop themselves from doing big things because it turns out their fear of doing that thing is based in feeling like a fraud and I don’ t want that to happen to you. Or if it has happened to you, I wanna help.


Today’s Action Steps


I have 3 action steps for you today to dive into whether your fears are based on feeling like a fraud. I really want you to take action on these steps today or at least in the next 7. Deal?


  1. Write down something that’s happening in your biz right now that has you feeling afraid or maybe like a fraud 
  2. Reach out to 3 friends or clients. hop on the phone or meet face to face, in person or with the help of some technology like facetime or messenger. Start by asking them what they see are your special gifts and talents. Then share with them your feelings of being afraid or feeling like a fraud.  Let them lift you up and demonstrate that who you are and what you know has immense value to them and to the world. 
  3. Comment below and share what you discover from these conversations.


Let’s have compassion for one another, my friends.  let’s support one another. and let’s help one another reach those big goals and dreams, together! I cannot wait to hear from you!


And that’s a wrap for this episode. 


Next week, we’re diving into the question: Are you pod-crastinating?


Until then my friends, lean into the fear and don’t let feelings of fraud get in the way of you accomplishing those big dreams!