Using Graphics to Multiply your Message

Using Graphics to Multiply your Message

Using Graphics to Multiply your Message [part 6 of 7]


Have you ever been scrolling through your newsfeed on FB or IG and suddenly, you see an image that grabs you and stops your scroll?


Today here on Episode 221 of the podcast, we’re talking about creating scroll-stopping, drool-worthy graphics. We’ll be using the quotes we pulled from our transcripts back on Episode 219 and I’ll share my go-to, free tool to get started with creating your graphics today.


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And now, let’s dive into today’s topic.


In case you’ve missed the previous 5 parts of this series all about Multiplying Your Message – starting with one piece of content and multiplying it into many pieces – I encourage you to go back and take a listen and more importantly, take ACTION.


Remember that Imperfect action is far better than perfect inaction.


I’ll link up the rest of the series, including the bonus episodes over on the show notes page that will be available after the show goes live.


Back when I was running my performing arts school, we had a need to create graphics faster and more cost-effective than we could get them from our local sources. As much as I encourage supporting your local businesses, it’s not always possible when starting or scaling a business on a tight budget.


I invested in a graphic design tool that you’ve probably heard about before – photoshop. More accurately, I bought the version that was the scaled-down version called Elements.


The free tool I’ll share in just a bit wasn’t available back then


I spent hours and hours watching tutorial after tutorial to do what I thought would be a “simple” task. And the program was so big, it bogged down my mac like you wouldn’t believe making tasks even longer….


Can you relate?


Have you ever purchased a piece of software because of what it could create only to discover that the learning curve was FAR longer than you anticipated???


Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I was introduced to a free online software tool called Canva


I’ll link up the resource in today’s show notes at yongpratt.com/221.


Getting Started with Canva


Once you create a free account, you can begin designing immediately. What’s great is that there are thousands of templates you can use right out the box by just adding in your brand colors, a logo, or even your own pictures. The templates come formatted for all the sizes of images you may want to create – all the social media platforms, flyers, website headers, and much more.


And did I mention, it’s free?


Totally crazy.


I happen to use the paid version so I have access to more images and layouts and quickly change sizes, but you can get started today with the free version.


Once you’ve logged in, all you have to do is click on a template you like in the size you need and add the quote you pulled from your own transcript.


From there, you can download and use it right away – you can even do this today.


If you’ve pulled 3-4 quotes from your transcripts, you’ll create 3-4 different images. Use 3 different templates or use the same template with different colors or fonts.


That’s it! Easy peasy.



If you think back to your own newsfeed and all the images you see there, you’re scrolling past images that don’t resonate with you – maybe they don’t have messages that speak to you, maybe they’re confusing, maybe they’re just too busy.


I often see graphics with 3,4,5 different fonts or a rainbow of colors, or the font is illegible when scrolling…


So here are today’s action steps:


  1. Sign up for a free Canva  account
  2. Copy/paste your quotes into an available template
  3. Post on your graphic on social. And if you’re on IG, Post your graphic and then tag me @theyongpratt so I can see your creations.


Once you’ve done that, pay attention to what catches your eye on social – and then go into Canva and create something similar – hear me when I say this…don’t copy someone else’s stuff. Create your own with your flair, that speaks to your audience.


On Thursday, I have a bonus episode for you with my Nicole Thompson – a 28-year graphic design pro that will share some practice tips and tricks to help you create your scroll stopping graphics in no time.


Before you head out on your day, ditch the #momguilt and #stress that often accompanies summertime, especially if you’re raising a family alongside your business. Grab my 21 work-less, stress-less and guilt-less strategies bundle to craft your most or successful summer at yongpratt.com/bundle


21 Strategies for a Successful Summer

Discover one of my strategies for a Successful Summer

Discover one of my strategies for a Successful Summer

WARNING: Read this post ONLY if you want to say goodbye to #momguilt or #summerstress.


Comment below the video and tell me your biggest challenge during the summer months.


As an entrepreneur for nearly two decades now, I’ve experienced my fair share of #momguilt, especially during the summer months. This #momguilt and corresponding #summerstress stemmed mostly from feeling like I had to choose between building our businesses or spending quality time with our girls.


Whenever I was working, I felt guilty for not making more time for the girls. When I spent time with the girls, I wasn’t always present. I was often preoccupied and stressed about what I wasn’t getting done in my business. It was a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety that I endured for years.


Can you relate?


It wasn’t until recently (last summer, in fact), that I really started making a #summersuccessplan – a strategic plan that mapped out what my work life and mom life would look like for the summer. Until then, I’d just envision my ideal summer, but never put into place any boundaries, systems, or strategies to make that vision a reality.


Now before you dismiss the idea of creating a #summersuccessplan because it feels too corporate or rigid, let me let you in on a little secret…



After conducting and synthesizing the hundreds of interviews I’ve conducted over the years with successful moms, dads, and business owners from all walks of life, plus incorporating my own mom/work experiments into the mix, I was finally able to create an actual plan that worked for me!



While this concept might sound “fluffy” or too good to be true, trust me when I say that creating a #summersuccessplan and more importantly, implementing it, allowed me to have a truly amazing summer.


It allowed me to unplug most weekends to enjoy camping and fishing trips with my family and even a couple week-long vacations.




And I want that for you, too.



And in case you missed last week’s strategy with homeschooling mama of 8, Shannon Robison, about living your summer with Simplicity and Intention, you can still watch it. 





P.S. Comment below the video and tell me your biggest challenge during the summer months.



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