Human Design and Me

Human Design and Me

Falling Into Wonderland: Human Design & Me


When Human Design found me in February of 2020 at the cusp of the lockdowns, I felt seen in a satisfying yet somehow terrifying way.

At that time, I was feeling restless, uncertain, and underwhelmed by my life and the businesses I had created thus far. It felt like something was just missing and I didn’t know what it was.

Everything I had built up to that point, including my identity, was missing the most critical piece….ME!

Looking back, the experience was akin to following the white rabbit down the hole to Wonderland. Things in this new land were curious and not always as they seemed. 

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Everywhere I looked in Wonderland, I saw magical things

  • Giants squashing dreams that were so pervasive, they sneaked through crevices to appear again and again


  • Stories from the past resurfaced, this time with alternative endings



  • Impossible things show themselves in vivid color


My Wonderland also held for me a new way of viewing myself and life, a treasure map of sorts. 


As I began to explore….

Shrinking and growing to walk through the doors, I was presented with a deeper understanding of myself.

    I began noticing patterns in my life and (gulp) why I had repeated them so often.


    I saw why certain things had worked in business and why others had not despite all my hustling and working harder.


    Neon signs winked at me from around every turn. They pointed to paths of growth I could follow and explore.

    Neon Sign - Illuminating You Productions

    In Wonderland, ALL my cards and stories were on the table. My shadows and my superpowers (thanks for this phrase, Michelle Lawson😉 ) .


    I could pick through each with new insight. I could so clearly see my life and the limitations others had imposed on me. 


    Can you say societal, familial, and cultural conditioning???


    I saw the gifts that I was given, yet hidden away for fear that I would be labeled as “different.”


    Wonderland goes by a different name – a name known by more and more people each day.

    Human Design - Illuminating You Productions

    The longer I’m immersed in this world of Human Design, the more I see when I browse my social feeds. Thank you, Reticular Activating System [RAS]!


    In case you’re unfamiliar with the RAS, it’s a nifty sifting system your brain has created. It takes in the millions of pieces of data we receive daily and filters them. It cuts through all the “noise” to help you see more of what you want or believe. 


    This is the system that works on your behalf when in the market to buy a new car, new shoes, heck anything. All of a sudden, you see that very item everywhere!


    It’s a bit of a slippery slope though…if you’re focused on how dire things are or how much you lack, the RAS will present evidence to confirm that, too.


    In short, the RAS confirms or refutes information based on the filters you have programmed it to receive.


    Turns out Henry Ford was right when he said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”

    Henry Ford Quote - Illuminating You Productions

    What I’ve begun to notice is that there are many out there that use and apply Human Design as a convenient Labeling System! 😳


    Because it’s so easy to do. 


    To label things…


    In reality, it’s exactly what I did to myself when Human Design first found me. When I discovered that I was a Projector, I thought I could only operate within a certain set of “guidelines.” 


    Human Design is often described as a personality test and is lumped together with the likes of the Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc. 


    To label Human Design so simply is misleading as best. At worst, that label negates the wealth of information your Human Design Chart carries. That’s been my experience, anyway.


    What if we drop the labels and explore Human Design for what it truly offers us?

    A beautiful doorway – a portal to your own version of Wonderland – through which we can get to know ourselves, our authentic selves, including the parts of us we often hide.


    Sounds exciting, right???


    If you’re curious about Human Design and the magic it holds for you, I’m feeling called to create a video (or several).

    Wanna join me for the live recording (or replay)?


    All you have to do is say YES 🤩 over on FB and I’ll let you know when/where you can watch.


    If you’re ready to fall into your own beautiful Wonderland via your Human Design, you’re invited to come and play.

    My one-on-one and group sessions meet at the intersection of movement, energy psychology, Human Design, and creativity.

    Wanna dip your toe into my world?

    Grab a copy of my Designed to Move Audio Experience 👇

    See you on the playground!

    xo, Yong

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