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Belive.tv’s LiveCon 2019

What an honor and pleasure it was to be part of this year’s LiveCon, hosted my BeLive.tv. Hani Mourra, founder of Repurpose.io, got to talk about our favorite subject – the many ways you can repurpose your live videoes.

Being part of LiveCon meant I had the opportunity to talk about and share 2 of my favorite pieces of software: BeLive.tv and Repurpose.io

BeLive is my GO-TO tool for going live on Facebook. I’ve been using BeLive now for going on two years and the new features make it super easy to schedule lives, add text to the screen, add intros/outros, and so much more! It beats going live natively on Facebook for the screen sharing ability alone.

Repurpose.io has been THE tool I’ve used for years now that helps me turn one piece of content into multiple quickly and easily. With new features released regularly, the variety of content you can create from a single live video is going to blow your mind.

How do I know this?

Every time I teach Repurpose.io as part of Podcast in a Weekend, my students are absolutely blown away with how much it can do. Getting your FB Live Videos onto YouTube automatically is amongst the favorite features my students share with me.

The entire session below was all about different ways to repurpose your content. Hani and I begin our session at [1:02:15].

A big thank you to Hani Mourra and Belive.TV for inviting me to be part of LiveCon 2019!

* The post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission when you sign up for services at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance for the cup o’ joe!

BONUS – The advantage of live video for podcasters

BONUS – The advantage of live video for podcasters

[0:03] Make sure you didn’t miss out on the Super 7 live streaming video challenge. We just kicked off today, Monday, October 7th and there is still time to save your seat for free. Just head to http://www.yongpratt.com/super7



[0:39] What the Buggles song, ”Video Killed the Radio Star” has to do with you and your podcast.



[1:00] Video is an incredible tool for podcasters, especially when done correctly, and strategically.



[1:36] Does the thought of creating audio content for your podcast excite you?



[1:46] Imagine…you’re sitting in your office, talking into your microphone, sharing what you know with your listeners, helping them on their journey.



[1:59] No eyeballs. No comments to manage. No one watching.



[2:06] Recording, re-recording again and again until hours pass



[2:31] Yong quit podcasting after just 39 episodes of the Raising smART Kids Podcast



[2:59] May 16, 2014 – the day the final episode aired – listen to the full story of Yong’s first podcast at http://www.yongpratt.com/super7



[3:31] Yong became a statistic: most podcasts never live to see their 100th episode



[4:18] Yong’s embarrassment and shame of failing at podcasting



[4:32] Want to know the main reason Yong started podcasting?



[4:49] The activity Yong began to dread as the podcast marched towards its 39th episode



[5:35] The REAL reason Yong stopped podcasting after just 39 episodes



[6:04] When fear rears it’s ugly head and the day that changed podcasting for Yong: April 19, 2017



[6:47] Some of the benefits of live video Yong discovered as a podcaster



[7:17] We kicked off the Super 7 live streaming video challenge this morning and it’s not too late to join the fun.



[7:48] This seven-day free challenge is all about prepping you to help you take the steps you need to launch your podcast.



[8:22] Save your seat for the challenge at www.YongPratt.com/super7 



[8:49] Next time…starting a podcast with what you already have.

A Podcast Success Story with Irena Miller

A Podcast Success Story with Irena Miller

A Podcast in a Weekend Success Story with Irena Miller



Over the past several episodes, we’ve been diving deep into creating lots of content that you can use for your business. Or starting with the idea that creating even just one great piece of content each week, like, starting with a video, and then using tools to automate that and multiply it, you can end up with dozens of pieces of content from that one.


Our guest today on the podcast is the amazing Irena Miller, and she is doing just that. I can’t wait for you to hear her story of how she’s using video to fuel the content for her business.


And if you are struggling with, or want to make content creation easier, check out the replay of the LIVE Q&A


Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast, but something just kept you from doing that? 


You’re not going to want to miss today’s guest interview. Today we have Irena Miller who is an intuitive yoga teacher and energy healer. And I’m thrilled to bring her on the podcast today to share about the progress, and the success of her new podcast, Everyday Inklings With Irena. I’m so glad to have you on the show today.


How long had you dreamed of a podcast before taking Podcast in a Weekend? 


I get goosebumps as you say that because really it was probably about two and a half, almost three years that I had had it in my heart to create a podcast. So much so that you know when I came into the online space, I passed word, definitely. It seemed to be like a must-have. And as I was creating all of my paperwork, my journaling about what am I bringing? What is it that I have to share? Who can I help? Who is my ideal client? How can I get the message to them? I actually wrote the name of my podcast up and I taped it to my wall and it’s so funny because it’s still right over there.


And it took almost two and a half, almost three years to manifest. But what I discovered was before I met you, that the idea of a podcast was very overwhelming. It was an industry that seemed very advanced, and hard to break into. Everybody that I followed at that time like the Pat Flynn’s and the Mario Forleo’s and even a yoga teacher that I knew way back in the day, who became very big in the podcasting world. It just seemed like, I’ll never be able to catch up. And, where could I even begin? And so it kept getting pushed off and shelved, and pushed up and shelved until I met you.


What’s the best part about having a podcast? 


It’s fun for me to share it. It really allows me to be creative and, and finally have a platform and a way to share that content that was in my heart for so long. I just didn’t have an idea of where to start the journey and process and we had known each other for a while in the online space and when you started to shared about your program, Podcast in a Weekend, and your course and how it stripped away the mysticism and the mystery and intrigue behind these podcasts – that I’d have to have this big graphics team and a whole set of assistants ready for a launch party and an all of this fanfare and build up. 


What you did was you stripped away the layers, and you brought us to the group that I was with – every group I know that’s gone through – but even while I was there I noticed – just a feeling of you stripped away, kind of like what they say, “the dog and pony show” with all the lights and glitter and you said, “Listen. This is what you need. And you held our hands and you brought us through step-by-step in such a beautiful, finally digestible way. It was a way that really drew out our hearts’ desire to make an impact on the world and you showed me that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to have a million followers. You don’t have to have all this fanfare, but just the steps to be consistent. The graphics were in place, thanks to you. The description, the keywords – you had thought of everything, and it was so wonderfully done. Like really and truly you can complete it In A Weekend, and your podcast is up and running. I mean I was blown away! Something that I’ve been thinking about for years and years and years you’re like, oh yeah! You can do it in a Weekend and make magic happen.


I love your story it just for me so much joy that people other people are now able to share their amazing and unique gifts and talents in a bigger way without making it seem like it’s a daunting uphill battle the whole time.


What was the biggest takeaway from Podcast In A Weekend? 


Well, you know, there are so many takeaways to focus on one. You know what I really, really loved was this theme that you brought throughout to make it possible. So again, what you say, so many of us, it seems like an uphill battle when it comes to recording a podcast – we have to have a studio, or I’ve got to have a closet big enough to sneak in so there won’t be echoes.  Or I need a sound editor and I need an intro and I need an outro. You know everything just makes her head want to explode. And the way that you presented the material in this very seamless fashion that took us through all of the areas that usually trip people up, somehow through. I know it’s time your expertise you know I’m still such a newbie with this I’m like, how did she know?


But you knew the exact pitfalls that would trip us up and you helped create the seamless integration and process, and yet you didn’t stop there.  But the tools that you shared with us and taught us about to help to pull the content from other areas, when we were working. So for example at my weekly show every week on Facebook, and I was able, through your guidance to pull that into an audio file, into a visual file, and then be able to bring that across platforms so that it wasn’t just a podcast, you know, but it became a video podcast. It became a blog post. It became so much more. And it was this seamless movement, it was so breathable, it was that integration. You have an incredible way about you – such a fantastic way of teaching and breaking things down so that you can go from zero to, like, 100 within the blink of an eye, and many times and other programs, there’s just been too many steps too make pitfalls. We get tripped up one little thing holds us up from moving forward, and then you’re like, I like I just bought that course but I got nowhere. But for you, you really, really – You see us through from start to finish, because you have that eagle eye and just know where those pitfalls could be and you walk us through and help us avoid them so that really is the biggest takeaway.


Who is the ideal listener for your podcast, Everyday Inklings with Irena? 


This podcast is really designed for the busy, busy entrepreneur. The busy, busy woman who has this feeling deep inside themselves that there is something more going on, beyond what they see. They know at times, they feel overstretched, overwhelmed. But even when life throws you curveballs, like your account, gets hacked and funds stolen, your basement floods, or you you know miss that airline that flight – they know somewhere beneath it all, there’s this wonderful source of love and hope, and their faith builds, because they realize that it’s not the event itself that shapes them, that creates the world that they become bitter and frustrated and feel like, Uh-Oh, you know, anytime you try to put yourself out there you get knocked down. And they realize there are there’s something that they can reach out to – this loving source. And it shows up the times as angels and guides, but to ultimately know you’re not alone. And that when it comes to making decisions you have friends in high places. Your unseen resources. And really, my role is to help you speak that intuitive language, open up the lines of communication. So that’s really who this is designed for 


What do you share on your podcast?


The practices that I share I really try to design them, and even tune into the ones that are very easily woven into your day because, as you said earlier, with the Podcast ln A Weekend, we just don’t have a lot of time to sit down and do a half an hour meditation or take the time and do a 90-minute yoga class. So how can you find that clarity and that calm within a few breaths, a few minutes so that we do feel good about the choices we make. We feel ecstatic, no second guessing, no worrying. We know that we’re on the right path. 


Is your podcast appropriate for kids?


Yes, most definitely and actually a lot of my clients, their kids come on, and listen to the podcast and I get lots of feedback. They’re wonderful. Yes, thank you for asking that. It’s a very, very friendly podcast and the nice thing about letting your kids engage and join in with you in these practices, is that children are so open to this world of beyond.  They haven’t been fenced in by, this is the only way that can be, or that’s the way it can be. Some of these beliefs that we develop as adults that really harness our imaginations. The kids are very open and they really have that opportunity to connect with their angels and the guides with great ease so it’s a lot of fun to bring them on.


What would you recommend for anyone that wants to podcast?


 I would say talk to Yong. You need to talk to Yong seriously because there is so much out there on podcast, starting podcasts, and it tends to overwhelm, and when we’re in that overwhelm spot, we get into paralysis, we don’t move forward. And young, you are somebody who’s taken all of this information and distilled it into such a beautiful way of all the important pieces that we would need. You don’t have to get overwhelmed with the details like you said all the audio equipment checklist that you’ve had to go out and buy and, you know, all these details you clearly distill it down so we save tons of time and tons of money and we get to see our podcast out there. As I was saying just a little bit earlier, it’s such a thrill to open up iTunes or Spotify and be like, Oh, here’s my podcast. Oh my gosh. No, and I never ever would have gotten there, Yong, if it wasn’t for your guidance. There were just too many stumbling blocks.


Where can people connect with you?


IrenaMiller.com and they’ll find the link to my podcast there and also find wonderful, wonderful sources of inspiration, yoga videos and meditations and visualizations. But the website is a great place to begin.

Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast

What did you think?

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Until we open doors again, check out our LIVE content creation Q&A session HERE. 


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Quick and Easy Content Creation in 4 Steps

When I say content, you say…


Hello beautiful and happy Independence Day to everyone in the U.S.!


When it comes to creating content for your business, what words or phrases come to mind?


—> It’s hard…


—> I don’t know where to begin…


—> I’m terrible at coming up with content for my business…


—> I just wanna hire someone to create content for me…


—> Will content creation never end???


These are a few of the phrases my students and private clients have shared with me when it comes to creating content.


Well, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.


The bad news when it comes to content creation…


You are the creator of your business and know it better than anyone else. 


Your gifts, your talents, your vision, and your passion makes your business what it is. With that being said, delegating content creation completely, whether it be video, audio, blog posts, books, graphics, etc., needs to come from you. 


Trust me. 


I’ve tried delegating the creation of content. Even with an outline, guidelines, or a system, whenever I’ve tried to delegate content, I’ve always been disappointed. 


More often than not, I’d end up re-doing the content and creating it all over from scratch. What I had delegated didn’t sound like me, didn’t convey the message I had intended, and certainly never felt authentic. Talk about a waste of time AND money! No one needs that.


What about plug-and-play content???


I’ve tried using many different “plug-and-play” methods for content creation on social media – you know, the kind where you get access to pics and even captions of what to share on social media and when to post it. This worked for me…never! Again, the content wasn’t me – especially the pics to which I was given access. 


I’m not a fancy-schmansy kinda girl so posting pics of perfectly curated photos of champagne glasses next to a pool or an office space you’d drool over on Pinterest just isn’t me. It might be for some and that’s cool. It just never worked from me because, well…


I felt like a fraud.


I felt like a failure whenever I’d try to use someone else’s content. It just didn’t feel right and for so long, I thought it was my fault – that I somehow had done something wrong.


The truth is, because I felt like I was “cheating” or was a “fraud,” I was energetically dooming myself. I was sending out that self-doubt into the universe every time I posted that content. So guess what???


That content never got much traction, engagement, comments, or anything else. Often, it just sat on my page glaring back at me – mocking me for trying to pass off someone else’s creations as mine.


I discovered the hard way, after investing in multiple plug-and-play solutions and hiring the creation of content that I had wasted a lot of money and TIME.


Until I discovered the truth and the very good news!


Content creation doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or cause any sort of grief or overwhelm. Creating content comes down to THIS.


Start with where you are and the content you’ve already created.


Do you like to write?


Do you like to speak?


Do you like to create beautiful visuals?


Pick your favorite, which likely is the one that comes easiest to you, and start sharing.


That can’t possibly be all there is to content creation. Can it?


The short answer is YES. 


Start with ONE great piece of content and create it in the medium that resonates with you most.


Here on the podcast, we love helping our listeners SIMPLIFY. At its most basic, content creation is only 4 steps. 


The 4 Steps to Content Creation


  1. Pick the type of content you’ll create. Will it be in a written format like a blog or ebook? Will it be a video or audio? Will it be a graphic? 
  2. Commit to a creation schedule. Will you create ONE piece of content every week, every other week, multiple times per week? What day of the week will you commit to ensuring your content gets created? Then calendar it. 
  3. Decide on a distribution schedule – Once you’ve created content, how often and where will you distribute it? Will your content live on your blog or website? Social media? Emails to your list? 
  4. Multiply YOUR Message – All you have to do it take that content you’ve created and turn it into a different format. To Multiply successfully, you’ll need a strategy, the tactics, and automation. You read that right…I said automation.


Wait, what? 


Didn’t you just recommend NOT delegating content creation?


Isn’t automating the same as delegating?




When I talk about automation, I’m not talking about delegating your content and its creation. 


I’m talking about starting with and using your OWN content. Once you’ve done that, you can use start using automation tools along with a solid strategy and specific tactics, to transform it into a different medium. For example, I use automations to turn my video content into audio.


If you missed the recent series about transforming your content to Multiply Your Message, you can binge-listen using the links below to each episode in the series.




Taking Your Content to the Next Level


If you’ve been struggling with content creation for your business or want to simplify it, I have something special for you.


I’m now accepting applications for our monthly implementation accelerator, Multiply My Message AKA M3. M3 will help you create a content creation strategy that works for you – based on your strengths.


You’ll learn the specific tactics to transform your ONE piece of content into multiple.


—> Wanna learn what automation tool to use to transform video into audio? 


—> What about putting your FB Live video directly on your website automatically?


—> Maybe you wanna create beautiful graphics based on YOUR original content?


ALL this plus loads more, like a community of fellow Multipliers, is included inside of M3.


When you complete the application, you’re not obligated to join M3 when the door open (late summer/early fall). I just want to ensure M3 is a good fit for you and where you are in your business. I want to make sure you’ll be successful with M3.


Have questions about M3 or content creation in general?


Comment below and tell me your biggest obstacles and ask any questions about content creation. 


Plus, in honor of Independence Day, and YOUR independence as a confident content creator (say that fast 3X…LOL), I’m hosting a live Q&A next Thursday, July 11 at [11:11] AM PST over on our NEW FB Page 


On the Q&A, I’ll be answering your questions or challenges about content creation. When you show up live to the Q&A you’ll have an opportunity for some live on-air coaching, too. So be sure to mark your calendars!

Comment below and ask your questions or share your concerns then APPLY for M3 to get this Content Creation Party Started!!!