Empowering women through coding

Empowering women through coding

[0:00] Meet Julia Taylor, a self-taught coder that’s turned that skill into a global Empire she calls a Geek Pack by empowering women through coding


[1:21] From former military wife and lover of location independence to teach over 1400 women to say yes to any WordPress requests, most of whom have never touched a line of code in their lives


[3:13] WordPress: Love at first sight for Julia


[5:15] How being a full-time RVer turned into teaching WordPress


[9:14] Breaking into a very male-dominated career and why community is an essential element of Geek Pack 


“Learning a new language is not the easiest thing. So you want people around you that can help you and empower you.”


[13:27] Imposter Syndrome, claiming your title, and getting uncomfortable 


[17:05] Content creation, strategy, social posting schedules


[19:51] Planning for consistency 


[22:37] Julia’s tip for helping you embrace your awesome and letting is shine through in your business


[26:23] Connect with Julia at http://www.GeekPack.co and sign up for her free five-day coding challenge. 


[27:15] Age is irrelevant when it comes to coding


[28:02] Share your biggest takeaways from today’s episode with Julia over at http://www.YongPratt.com/319. Next week,  And be sure to share this episode with your friends. Next week, you’ll meet Alex Pemberton, who traded in her nursing scrubs to become a WordPress developer and a designer. 


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Amplify Your Awesome™ - Yong Pratt- Julia Taylor
Julia Taylor - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome™
Amplify Your Awesome™ - Yong Pratt - Episode 319
From Corporate Events to Transformational Travel Coach Part 1

From Corporate Events to Transformational Travel Coach Part 1

[0:00] Today, our guest is Wendy Guth, who’s gone from corporate meeting planner to transformational travel coach helping people craft experiences to savour.

[1:37] Wendy’s road to entrepreneurship

[3:49] Wendy’s your number one tip for building a business that stays true to the real her and lets all of your awesomeness shine through

[5:35] Connect with Wendy inside her Facebook Group, Rebel on the Go: A Transformational Travel Community to grab her Discovering Your Values activity from her Savour Program

[6:47] Stay tuned for the next episode, where you’ll meet corporate dropout, Nicole Thompson, who’s now helping other people ignite their side hustles by showing them how to build their very own print-on-demand businesses.

Come on over to today’s show notes at YongPratt (dot) com and share your biggest takeaways from today’s episode.


Amplify Your Awesome™ Episode 295

Amplify Your Awesome™ Episode 295

Happy New Year!

The first day of 2021 is the perfect time to share the first interview of Season #5 of the Amplify Your Awesome Podcast.

You’ll meet Todd Ross and hear his #1 piece of advice on how to show up as the real you in your business so that you can Amplify Your Awesome.

Wanna hear more from Todd?

Tune into episode #303 on your fav podcast listening platform or head directly to Yong’s website.