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The Time Tracking Experiment

The Time Tracking Experiment

Have you ever intentionally tracked the time you spend on tasks – work, play, family?

You may discover that what you think you’re spending time on is not actually how you spent time. Yong shares insights from her time tracking experiment inspired by new book and invites you to join her on the quest to get real with time.

Head over to http://www.yongpratt.com/270 and discover how you can get the audible book for free.

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Embracing the power of story

Embracing the power of story

How can business owners continue to show up and serve others right now?


It’s in our nature to tell stories and now, more than ever, the stories we tell and the ways in which we show up online matter.

Dorothy Allison said, “Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is that to go on living I have to tell stories, that stories are the one sure way I know to touch the heart and change the world.”

In today’s live video, Yong shares

—> Three types of stories to share now

—> A 3-part framework to share stories confidently

—> A gift for you to start using live video to share your stories now, even if live video scares you.

All you have to do to get Yong’s gift is to type with the word ‘video’ under this video 😉

Stop Focusing On Your Weaknesses

Stop Focusing On Your Weaknesses

Have you ever experienced a time when someone voiced aloud that you weren’t good at something?


Which was then followed with the advice to work on your weakness over and over until you got better at it.


Then you do the thing over and over and over again, growing frustrated, and berating yourself for being so bad at the thing?


Well, it’s time to STOP focusing on your weaknesses because there’s a far better, and more satisfying way to live life.


Find out how to stop focusing on weaknesses and celebrate your strengths at http://www.yongpratt.com/269


Does Your Content Need CPR?

Does Your Content Need CPR?

Does your content need CPR?


If you’re like most content creators and marketers, you likely have an archive of old content that could be revived and repurposed.


It’s time to grab Yong’s Content Marketing Toolkit at http://www.yongpratt.com/268and breathe new life into the content you already have.