Using Video to Multiply Your Message

Using Video to Multiply Your Message? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your current clients and future clients, and to build a tribe, around your message and your expertise.

Find out how I overcame my fear of public speaking and learn to press the Go LIVE button confidently and a quick tip you can use to start multiplying your message starting today on Episode 211.

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Are you overlooking assets in your business?

When it comes to business, there may be some assets you’re overlooking that if leveraged, could help you Multiply YOUR Message.

I was interviewed recently by one of my #bizbesties, Kim White of the My Sexy Business Team. We dove into specific examples of some the assets so many business owners have already but often overlook.

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209-What is Repurposing?

Have you heard the term, “repurposing?” What about repurposing inside your business?


Find out what repurposing is, how it can benefit your business, and how you can get started today.


We’ve even created a free resource for you called “Multiply YOUR Message,” our 5-part framework to help you turn ONE piece of content (i.e., a video) into MULTIPLE, quickly and easily.

208-An eBook Success Story with Coni Meyers

We adore celebrating our students and their successes!


Meet Coni Meyers, multiple time best-selling author, creator of Kickbutt Leadership, and a graduate of eBook in a Weekend.


Tune in to find out about Coni’s latest book, her upcoming Mexico retreat, and so much more!


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207-Meet my 12-year-old author

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book?

What about your kiddos?

Meet, Daphne, my 12-year old that turned a class assignment into an eBook during our weekend class. Tune in and listen to Daphne’s story as told by me (her mom). Grab your kiddos, dream together, and create an eBook together.

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