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Failure: A Cause for Celebration?

Failure: A Cause for Celebration?

[0:09] The four letter word is often frowned on by society, at least here in the US, and is actually discouraged, especially in the school system.

[0:36] The inspiration for today’s episode 

[0:59] “Failure is so important. We speak about success all the time. It is the ability to resist failure. or use failure that often leads to greater success. I’ve met people who don’t want to try for fear of failing.” – JK Rowling

[1:26] The meaning we often put on failing  

[2:42] The DMV Experience 

[3:54] The funk of failure

[4:37] How schools are sending the wrong message about failing

[5:34] It’s time to reframe how we view failure. 

[5:56] What my clients tell me they’re “failing” at  

[6:39] “Content is anything original that you create in your business to share with others.” – Yong Pratt

[6:47] Content examples of brick and mortar versus online business  

[7:59] Why content is important in your business and Yong’s fav way to create content. 

[8:43] Content creation is often made to feel difficult or overwhelming…this podcast is about simpliying the content creation process, especially with regards to podcasting  

[9:27] Podcasting is a great equalizer – kids of ALL ages can be included  

[9:44] What would your podcast look/feel/sound like?  

[10:09] “Failing is not failure. Just because you’d have failed at something does not mean you yourself are a failure. It is through our failures that we come out more victorious and reach those successes which become more meaningful, because of the failures.” – Yong Pratt 

[10:31] A great example of failure from Disney’s Meet the Robinson’s

[11:32] What are you failed at lately? COMMENT below and let me know

[11:53] A favor to ask

Content Creation Q&A

Content Creation Q&A

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to creating content for your business?

If so, tune in to this live Q&A all about content creation and automation.

There’s GOLD in them thar hills!!!

There’s GOLD in them thar hills!!!

[0:00]  What does the Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow have to do with your content? Well today on the Amplify Your Awesome podcast, we’re going to dive into this very topic. 

[1:34] If you missed last week’s episode, press pause and go take a listen 

[2:45] How the feedback from last week plus St Paddy’s Day inspired today’s episode

[3:34] Monetizing your Content Gold Mine 

[3:55] Why helping you mine for the gold in your content is so personal for Yong

[5:23] Wanna see the new brand video? Come on over to the Arena of Awesome and check it out

[7:06]  Mixing up your chocolate for maximum benefit

[8:59] Using your ladder of offers/value stack to build relationships

[9:40] Yong’s St Paddy’s Challenge for you

[10:13] What type of content do you love creating? Come share inside the Arena of Awesome  

[11:59] More details about Yong’s challenge of creating LESS content

[15:15] Why you have more gold than the Leprechaun and its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

[16:18] Interested in talking about your content gold mine? Message Yong over on Facebook

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Chocolate Bars, M&Ms, and YOUR Content

Chocolate Bars, M&Ms, and YOUR Content

[0:00] Chocolate bars, M&Ms, and your content. What do they have in common? Today you’re going to find out that your content has more in common with chocolate bars and M&Ms than you may have thought possible. Are you ready to dive into this delicious episode?

[2:05] Update on Yong’s 5 AM Club Experiment. Listen to the full episode NOW

[7:24] Your primary content = one chocolate bar. How many do you have? Share inside Yong’s Community, the Arena of Awesome

[8:06] The forgotten chocolate

[9:01] Do you have all your chocolate bars in one convenient location?

Need a suggestion? Ask inside the Arena

[9:31] Chocolate squares to share

[10:39] Could you break off and share 3 little squares of your big chocolate bar today?

Share your squares inside the Arena of Awesome

[11:42] A tool to help you with sharing your chocolate squares on social by my friend and fellow podcaster, Deb Laflamme

[13:37] Breaking your chocolate squares into even smaller bits (i.e., M&Ms)

[13:54] How easy content gold mining can be when you think about your content like chocolate

[14:17] Quickly and easily filling your content calendar with the content you ALREADY Have

[16:21] Content Gold Mining Example: Video

[17:47] Need help with live video?

Grab Yong’s Super 7 Live Streaming Video Challenge today for only $27 through April 15
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[18:55] Automation versus relationship building and Yong’s big mistake

[20:14] Content Gold Mining Example: Audio

[21:15] Appealing to MORE people by sprinkling your delicious chocolate bars, chocolate squares, and M&Ms across the interwebs

[22:31] Yong’s cautionary tale and why you should NOT do what she did

[23:39] Come share your primary social platform and traffic-driving platform inside the Arena of Awesome 

[26:53] Two steps to choosing your primary social platform and traffic-driving platform

[27:55] Your Action Items for today. Share your chocolate inside of the Arena of Awesome

[29:07] Want a VIP day with Yong? Message her on Facebook for all the details


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Amplifying Your Awesomeness at 5 AM?!?

Amplifying Your Awesomeness at 5 AM?!?

[0:00] Is it really possible to amplify more of your awesomeness by getting up at 5 am? Well, on today’s episode of the podcast, I want to take you behind the scenes of what I’ve learned about the 5 am Club and how I’m doing with my experiment to join the club.

[1:06]  Why Yong is peeling back the curtain and sharing her messy middle and why you might consider doing the same

[2:23] What is the 5 AM Club?

[2:58] From night owl to middle of the pack sleeper to early riser

[3:43] How the 5 AM Club Book by Robin Sharma was not what Yong expected

[5:00] The Creators Hours

[5:27] Prepping for the 5 AM club and falling back into bad habits

[6:21] Building a better you during the first hour of the day

[8:16] Timing is everything, especially when it comes to the 5 AM Club

[8:38] Perfection is not required and the 20-20-20 Formula

[9:02] What to do in the first 20 minutes after rising

[9:08] What to do in the second 20 minutes

[9:30] What to do in the third 20 minutes

[10:34] How the 5 AM Club has helped Yong become the journaler she’s always wanted to be. The 66 Day Cycle.

[11:52] How getting a new treadmill has made it much easier for Yong to get the most out of those first 20 minutes of the morning

[14:52] From getting As in handwriting in elementary school to illegible chicken scratch

[16:47] Any tips for improving handwriting and making journaling earlier? Share them inside the Arena of Awesome

[17:44] The new membership where Yong’s been spending the 3rd phase of the 20-20-20 formula

Check out Episode 323 with Michelle Lewis to find out more

[18:36] What’s waiting for you inside the Arena of Awesome

[19:01] Benefits of being a member of Yong’s free community, the Arena of Awesome

[19:43] Wanna join Yong inside the new membership she’s been diving into to learn more about Visibility? Check of the Visibility Lounge and learn to apply Hollywood techniques into your visibility plan.

[21:47] Join Yong inside the Arena of Awesome and be the first to find out how to unearth your own Content Gold Mine

“Inside of the Arena of Awesome, it is about preparing ourselves to stand center stage. Stand in the center of the Arena. Stand there confidently. Share our voices. Connect with people. Make an impact. And then when we dive into things like your content, it’s about making more income with the content you already have.”

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