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223 – It’s Time to Multiply Your Message

[0:11] Now that you've learned to turn one piece of content into multiple forms...What's next?[1:08] Listener shout out from Kickbutt Leader. "Yong is an amazing podcast host. I love her mission of bringing families together through their electronic devices. Her interviews are always with interesting individuals with great suggestions, the podcast is a must have four…

BONUS 222 – Graphic Design Tips from a 28-year Design Pro

0:10 [Yong Pratt] This episode is being brought to you by my work-LESS, stress, less-LESS, and guilt-LESS Strategies for a Successful Summer Training Bundle. These 21 strategies are the best, most popular, most impactful and actionable strategies that can help you craft your most ideal summer, all while working less, stressing less, and guilty less. Until…

Sneak Peak into Episode 219

Ready to Multiply YOUR Message by turning ONE piece of content into Multiple? Here's a little sneak peak at what's in store for you on Episode 219 of the In a Weekend Podcast on Part 4 of the Multiply Your Message Series. Tune in to the full episode at...

221 – Multiply Your Message Part 6

_________________________________________________________ Don’t Leave Out These Pieces - The Multiply Your Message Series 211 - Multiply Your Message Part 1 212 BONUS : Kids + Video = Magic for your business 213 - Multiply YOur Message Part 2 [Audio] 214 BONUS - 3 Tools to Turn Audio into Video 215 BONUS - Are you repurposing your…

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