You may remember me sharing (on multiple occasions) that my word for 2018 is IMPACT.

At the start of the year, I made an intention to create a bigger impact in the world by sharing our OYC message beyond my local community – I wanted to reach a global audience – because our kids absolutely need to know their gifts and their stories are important and that they were put on this planet to make a difference, regardless of grades.

In order to make a bigger impact, I knew I needed to show up and in a BIG way. I needed to STOP hiding and I needed to share my story, my success, and my failures.

I had to commit myself to doing scary things, leaning into the fear, and knowing the universe would support me every step of the way because our mission here is far too big to play it small.

On today’s video, I share with you what happened when I leaned in to show up bigger for all of you and your kiddos with this big news!