What an honor and pleasure it was to be part of this year’s LiveCon, hosted my BeLive.tv. Hani Mourra, founder of Repurpose.io, got to talk about our favorite subject – the many ways you can repurpose your live videoes.

Being part of LiveCon meant I had the opportunity to talk about and share 2 of my favorite pieces of software: BeLive.tv and Repurpose.io

BeLive is my GO-TO tool for going live on Facebook. I’ve been using BeLive now for going on two years and the new features make it super easy to schedule lives, add text to the screen, add intros/outros, and so much more! It beats going live natively on Facebook for the screen sharing ability alone.

Repurpose.io has been THE tool I’ve used for years now that helps me turn one piece of content into multiple quickly and easily. With new features released regularly, the variety of content you can create from a single live video is going to blow your mind.

How do I know this?

Every time I teach Repurpose.io as part of Podcast in a Weekend, my students are absolutely blown away with how much it can do. Getting your FB Live Videos onto YouTube automatically is amongst the favorite features my students share with me.

The entire session below was all about different ways to repurpose your content. Hani and I begin our session at [1:02:15].

A big thank you to Hani Mourra and Belive.TV for inviting me to be part of LiveCon 2019!

* The post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission when you sign up for services at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance for the cup o’ joe!