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Day #2 of the Creativity & Resiliency Summit featuring Chris Johnson

Day #2 of the Creativity & Resiliency Summit featuring Chris Johnson

With 57 years of experience serving our local community in Elko, NV, Chris J. Johnson and his team at Charles Chester Heating & Plumbing aren’t letting the current situation stop them from serving.

In fact, Chris and his team are embracing a new way of doing business with social distancing practices and relying on a tool most people haven’t used in quite some time, at least for its original intended purpose – the telephone.

It’s time to connect, share resources, and be good stewards in our communities and beyond using technology and all while building real relationships.

Creativity & Resiliency Summit featuring Tammy Pereria

Creativity & Resiliency Summit featuring Tammy Pereria

Our first guest for Day #2 of the Creativity & Resiliency Summit is Tammy Pereira of TammyP dot com.

In this session we dove into:

–> The importance and relevance of using video in your business and making it a conscious choice

–> How you can get access to our Super 7 Live Video Challenge to help you get started with video even if you’re brand new

–> How FB ads might be just what your business needs and how to get started


Virtual Summit Next Steps

Creativity & Resiliency in Business Virtual Summit with Yong Pratt next steps:

#1 If you haven’t already completed the Summit Intake Form, please do so here.

#2: Watch the video below:

#3 Schedule Your Interview 

#4Prep for the interview using the following tips:

Here are some tips for getting the best video recording:

  1. Quiet place with no distractions
  2. Clear the clutter
  3. Well lit (i.e., in front of a window, chat light, lightboxes)
  4. An external microphone or headset microphone plugged into your computer
  5. Wear solid colors or patterns that aren’t too busy
  6. Hardwire internet if possible
  7. Bring your energy and your awesome to the interview

Each interview will last approximately 15-20 minutes. Please be prepared to:

  1. Introduce yourself and what you do in one sentence (i.e., your elevator pitch).
  2. Share the unique ways that your business has pivoted or changed in the past few weeks
  3. Your best tips/advice for navigating business right now