[0:04] Podcasting. You’ve thought about, perhaps even for years. You view it as a medium you can actually do and help others in the process. The idea of being a podcaster excites you, yet something stops you from moving forward and making your podcast a reality. You, my friend, are pod-crastinating. In this episode, I’ll share where I first learned this term, how to discover if you’re experiencing it, and how to overcome pod-crastinating.



[1:14] Before we dive into pod-crastinating, let’s chat about procrastinating.



[1:34] Exhaustion and burnout as a result of procrastinating



[2:58] Why do we do it? Why do we procrastinate, making things harder for ourselves?



[3:07] Find out where Yong first learned the term Pod-crastinating



[4:45] Podcasting now is all about having a clear strategy, being super-efficient, and hyper-focused on maximizing the work, I am already doing.



[5:35] Yong’s fav software that helps her auto-magically create MORE content without more work.



[6:45] Yong’s clients and students marvel at what repurposing has allowed them to do



[7:06] Episode recap.



[7:34] Podcasting, my friends, like any skill, is learnable.



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[11:07] Coming next week: YOU as Podcaster.