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Unlocking Self-Love from Within
Unlocking Self-Love from Within

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to the giving and receiving of love. On this day of outwardly expressed love, it’s easy to forget that love - the open giving and receiving of it - is an inner game. Often, we reserve the words, “I love you,” for others. When’s...


I’m Yong

I’m a Content C.P.R. Coach and Strategist that helps you how to resuscitate and breathe new life into the content you already have.  Let’s Create, Publicize, and Repurpose your content together so that you can reach more people and make a bigger impact!

Yong Pratt - Lamoille Canyon, NV - Illuminating You Productions


If we haven’t met yet or we haven't connected in a while, I’m Yong, Chief Embodiment Catalyst here at Illuminating You Productions.

Around here we help you to step into the spotlight of the life you know you’re meant to live. 

You know the one…

That beautiful life you dreamed about as a kid. 

Somewhere along the journey of growing up, you got sidetracked and without realizing it, stepped into a supporting role in your own life.

I see you. I’ve been where you are.

I’m here to support you in stepping back into yourself, into that leading role of your life - into your spotlight, in the most aligned and authentic way possible.

Don’t forget…

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