Whether you’ll be shopping in stores this holiday weekend or online in your PJs from the comfort of your living room, today’s episode is a calorie-free feast for you to enjoy.


You’ll get tons of goodness without any of the guilt as Yong shares her top episode recommendations from 2020 today on episode #310.


Welcome back and thanks for joining me for today’s podcast feast.


2020 has been quite a year am I right?


So many things in our lives have had to be done differently or bypassed altogether.


  • My kiddos have had to adjust to learning from their laptops at home since spring and the debate about who’s hogging the most wi-fi is a near-daily occurrence.


  • My oldest, a high school senior, is missing out on senior year experiences, though she’s relishing distance learning.


  • My youngest, on the other hand, is far from enjoying this new way of learning. She’s been asked to start her high school journey devoid of friends and all the feelings associated with starting a new school. 


  • My husband got to move back home after working out of town for the latter half of 2019 and took a promotion at work.


  • My mom sold the house she and my dad shared for years, my brother’s old house, to downsize and live in a 5th wheel on our property since it’s just her at home as my dad’s in full-time care.


  • My dad’s had to adjust to living without our frequent visits or home-cooked meals since the nursing home has been locked down since spring.


There have so many changes for my loved ones in 2020, yet for me, very little has changed.


  • I still get to work from home, choosing which hours I work, and hand-selecting clients and projects I adore.


  • I still have the freedom to choose which room in our house I want to work from as I chase the sunniest spots throughout the day. 


  • I still get to connect with amazing humans on zoom and get to be curious on every podcast interview. And this podcast has been a constant source of joy and fulfillment. 


To date, there are 57 episodes for you to enjoy from this year alone spanning 3 seasons:


  • The tail end of season 3 with 7 episodes


  • Season 4 with 35 episodes


  • And the newest, # 5 which launched 2 months ago on September 28th with 15 episodes so far.


With 57 episodes to choose from, how did I narrow down what to share with you on this feast?


It wasn’t easy, believe me. It almost felt like choosing which of my children to put into the spotlight…


My preference, of course, would be that you take a listen to all the episodes from 2020, however, I wanted to respect your precious time this holiday weekend and provide you with some inspiration and actionable content to make the last month of 2020 one of your best!


I’ve divided this feast into 4 parts:


  1. Kids as content creators

  2. Productivity
  3. Content Amplification and repurposing
  4. Building a business based on the REAL you – one that amplifies your awesome.


Let’s start with one of my all-time favorite topics:


Kids as creators and entrepreneurs


For those that are newer to the podcast, you may not know that I ran a brick and mortar performing arts school for 17 years before coming into the online space in 2017. During those years, I published 2 versions of this podcast entitled, Raising smART Kids and Raising smART Kids 2.0 which I resurrected to support the launch of my first book, Raising a Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child’s 8 Super Powers and Propel Learning through the arts.


Those podcasts were focused on kids and nurturing their growth and development through the arts.


And once upon a time, this very podcast was once called Our Young Creators. The focus was on kids and the contributions they can make to this realm of content creation. 


The focus of the podcast, long before this year’s pandemic and the need to give kids a positive way in which to use their digital devices, was on empowering kids to turn consumption time on devices into creation time. If you’re interested in learning more about Our Young Creators and how you can empower your own kiddos let me know 👇 so I can help.


Episode 272: Helping Our Kids Navigate This New Norm Using Technology

Episode 285: Raising Entrepreneurs




As we wrap up 2020, some of the most frequently asked questions I get are about how I get so much done.


As a Human Design Projector, I’ve learned that my role is this life is to guide others and not do all the work because I have limited energy to do all.the.things.


I’ve had a long and complicated relationship with productivity and my compulsion to just do more over the years. 


I’m now able to embrace my Projectorness because of what I’ve learned from many, many mentors including Dave Crenshaw and Darren Hardy on my quest to improve productivity. 


I have 3 episodes for you that unpack some of the ways in which I’ve been able to improve my productivity. I’ve been doing more experiments in increasing my productivity and would love to share on future episodes of the podcast.


Episode 270: The Time Tracking Experiment

Episode 271: Increasing Productivity with Time Blocking

Episode 275: Increasing Productivity and Time Management with Rhythm Calendars 


Content and repurposing


To round out this holiday feast, here are some episodes that will help YOU to embrace your content and help you mine for the gold (or the acres of diamonds) that you’re already sitting on.


One of the things I’m enjoying so much right now is guiding and brainstorming with my clients on the multitude of ways they can monetize the content they’ve already created through my Content C.P.R. Framework.


If you want to learn more about the ways in which you can monetize your content, head over to today’s show notes, and let me know. If you leave me a comment, I’ll reach out personally and hop on the phone with you to talk about your content.


Episode 267: Your Content Runneth Over

Episode 268: Does Your Content Need CPR? 

Episode 284: Why content repurposing is VITAL to your business

Episode 286: Dr. Conten’ts Love/Hate Relationship with Content Repurposing

Episode 287: 3 Super Simple Ways to Repurpose Blog Posts

Episode 288: Podcasting Repurposing: 3 Easy Tips

Episode 289: Get More Eyeballs on Your Videos with these 3 tips

Episode 290: 5 Easy Ways to Get More Readers for Your Book(s)

Episode 291: 3 Steps to Start Repurposing Your Content Today

Episode 292:Content Repurposing Roundup


Showing up as the REAL You

Before wrapping up this episode, I also want to remind you what’s waiting for you on the most recent season, #5.

Episode 294: Will the REAL You Please Stand Up


If you’re keen to hear examples of biz owners just like you building businesses based around everything that makes them awesome, Season 5 is for you!!!


On episodes 295 – 309, you’ll hear parts 1 and 2 from 7 amazing humans and business owners, all of whom have made pivots big and small in their businesses to serve the world in bigger ways.


And I even snuck into the launch episodes to share part 1 of my entrepreneurial journey and to celebrate the big milestone – our 300th episode! You’ll hear part 2 of my story on the final episode of the year. Episode 300



Well, there you have it!


A podcast feast for you to enjoy this holiday season. I’d love to hear which episode or episodes resonate the most with you.

Tell me your favs, ask questions about kids and content, productivity, or about how you can monetize, repurpose, and automate your content 👇


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to this episode. For supporting the podcast. For being a sounding board for all my crazy experiments, and for the countless messages, emails, and texts for all of you sharing how this podcast has helped on your journey to Amplify Your Awesome™


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