[0:00] If you’re ready to get more out of the content you are already creating you, my friends, are in the right place. Today on the podcast, we’re going to dive into three steps to go through to start repurposing your awesome content today. 

[1:14] Your Content, no matter the form (books, blogs, videos, podcasts) is the greatest asset in your business. Repurposing it can help you attract the right people and repel those that aren’t a good fit.

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[1:58] Questions Yong has gotten in response to her content-specific repurposing episode 

[3:53] What content repurposing really is. Discover the exact tools Yong and her students/clients use to repurpose by grabbing her TOOLKIT now 

[5:39] This 3-Step process is a framework Yong calls Content C.P.R. 

[6:49] If you’re interested in getting Yong’s help to work through the Content C.P.R. together, comment or message her on social

[7:20] Step number one, or the C, in repurposing your content today

[10:42] Step number two, or the P, in repurposing your content today 

[13:12] Step number three, or the R, in repurposing your content today 

[14:59] Yong’s real-life examples of Content C.P.R. 

[16:34] Curious to know Yong’s favorite repurposing tools, grab her TOOLKIT now 

[17:25] Content C.P.R. recap

[20:55] Share your biggest takeaways and be sure to tag Yong on Social to share how you’ve implemented her Content C.P.R. Framework 

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