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Am I too old (or too young) to create content?


[1:30] If you’ve ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to creating content for your business, THIS episode is for YOU!



[1:41] Do you ever feel like you’re too old, too young, or just not good at creating content? Today, we’re going to level the content playing field.


[1:56] Something special is coming your way at the end of this episode


[3:30] Are you on the content creation hamster wheel?


[4:23] Get OFF the hamster wheel by creating LESS content, not more.


[4:53] What rollers coasters have in common with content creation


[6:30] Multiply Your Message examples


[7:35] A story of a 12-year old content creator


[9:18] Content creation is for ALL ages and something you can do to start today.


[10:22] Key takeaway and Action Steps from Episode 224


[10:46] Wanna become a Multiplier with me?


[11:38] How Yong multiplies her content and becoming the Superhero of YOUR business.


[14:22] Be very excited for M3 coming your way this August/September. Apply today by clicking the image below.




Think you\'re too old (or young) to create content for your business. Content creation isn\'t just for adults. Kids are creators, too, and become the greatest asset inside your business when empowered and equipped with real-world skills.