Am I too old (or too young) to create content?


[1:30] If you’ve ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to creating content for your business, THIS episode is for YOU!



[1:41] Do you ever feel like you’re too old, too young, or just not good at creating content? Today, we’re going to level the content playing field.


[1:56] Something special is coming your way at the end of this episode


[3:30] Are you on the content creation hamster wheel?


[4:23] Get OFF the hamster wheel by creating LESS content, not more.


[4:53] What rollers coasters have in common with content creation


[6:30] Multiply Your Message examples


[7:35] A story of a 12-year old content creator


[9:18] Content creation is for ALL ages and something you can do to start today.


[10:22] Key takeaway and Action Steps from Episode 224


[10:46] Wanna become a Multiplier with me?


[11:38] How Yong multiplies her content and becoming the Superhero of YOUR business.


[14:22] Be very excited for M3 coming your way this August/September. Apply today by clicking the image below.




224 - Leveling the Content Creation Playing Field