[0:11] Now that you’ve learned to turn one piece of content into multiple forms…What’s next?

[1:08] Listener shout out from Kickbutt Leader. “Yong is an amazing podcast host. I love her mission of bringing families together through their electronic devices. Her interviews are always with interesting individuals with great suggestions, the podcast is a must have four families.”

[2:35] How this Multiply Your Message Series is impacting listeners

[3:07] Tell us your favorite way to transform your content. 

[4:01] Here’s a Podcast listener advantage 

[4:48] How the Multiplying Your Message Concept is helping our clients

[5:34] Content creation begins with simplifying…

[6:34] Want help implementing the Multiply Your Message Series?

[6:57] Get ready to Multiply YOUR Message in a BIG way (with our help).

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[9:06] M3 + Automation = a match made in heaven!  

[11:04] The possibilities that exist for you and your message in M3 are up to you…