[0:01] Today on episode 220 of the In A Weekend Podcast, we’re going to talk about how to Multiply Your Message by creating Audiograms.


[0:13] Thank you for tuning in today to this episode. My name is Yong Pratt, your host and the Chief Dreamer of the In a Weekend Series of Classes where we help you to simplify, to automate, and to leverage the often hidden assets (like your kiddos) inside your business quickly.


[0:37] This is part five of a series called Multiply Your Message. If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, I highly recommend you head back and do so. Here are the Mulitply Your Message Episodes


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[1:01] Let’s start at the top.


[1:03] What the heck is an audiogram?


[1:08] An audiogram is simply a little mini video clip. In that video, you’ll see a still image. On top of that still image, you will have a little wav form or a little bar that moves up and down to show you that a video is playing. It can also include the transcripts or the text that we created on a previous episode. All of that happens in one singular little video clip, and they are awesome.


[1:44] You’ve likely seen these across social media, where a podcaster, for instance, would have a still image of the cover art of their podcast. On top of that, the waveform moves up and down as you play the audio


[2:00] There could be text on the bottom of the video as a transcript as well. So whether people learn auditorilly, whether they learn visually, or whether they learn best by looking at words on the screen, you’ve hit three of those different learning modalities with one little video clip.


[2:22] Did I say those were good or what?


[2:25] To create these, I’ve been testing out a piece of software that I absolutely adore. It is literally one of my favorite pieces of software that I use every single day. And by using it, I actually replaced a full time virtual assistant, saving me tons of money, as well as time.


[2:47] I first introduced this tool back on episode number 214. On today’s show notes, you can definitely be linked directly to this piece of software called Repurpose. And it does exactly what the name implies it repurposes your content.


[3:06] Of course in my world, when I refer to repurposing, it’s all about Multiplying Your Message – turning that one singular piece of content in to multiple. With Repurpose, one of the many, many, many things it can do for you automatically, without you touching anything is to create these audiograms for you.


[3:32] Now when you go to the show notes for today’s page, I will put some examples on the page for you so you can see what is created with Repurpose.


[3:42] I want you to do something for me today, I want you to click on the Repurpose icon that I’ll have on the [shownotes] page and go get yourself a free two-week trial of the software. And trust me you will not be disappointed. If you choose is to invest in this tool, which is a mere $20 a month, which is literally what…maybe four fancy coffees a month 20 bucks. You can use this software in your business every day.


[4:13] When you choose to invest in it, message me on Facebook, or on Instagram and let me know because when you use my link to purchase this ongoing membership, you can I will actually send you some video content to help you get started quickly and easily using Repurpose because once you get in there into the software, you’re totally going to be hooked and that $20 a month will be the best $20 a month you will ever spend.


[4:50] Next time on the podcast, we’re going to talk about how to turn your message into another form. And that is through images.


[5:02] We’re going to talk about how to turn your text in to some beautiful images. And we’ll have a special guest next week as well who may know a thing or two about creating beautiful graphics for you to share across social media as well as everywhere else.


[5:24] Okay, my friends, go and check out Repurpose. Get your 14 day free trial just had to yong pratt.com/220 and start Repurposing to Multiply Your Message today. Cheers




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