On today’s episode, we’re diving into an asset YOU can leverage today.


Need a hint?


Okay, okay. It’s eBooks!!!


If you’re curious to discover the pros and cons of eBook Authorship, whether they’re worth the cost of publishing, and the current state and stats on eBooks, I invite you to watch the replay of our recent workshop, Are eBooks Dead?


You can get instant access to the replay, which if free, at bit.ly/ebookreplay


At the end of the workshop, we opened the doors to eBook in a Weekend – a class to help you create YOUR eBook faster and easier than you thought possible. If you’re ready to create your eBook, we’d love to have you join us inside the class which kicks off this Friday, March 29. 2019.


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Cheers to you, future authors!


Links mentioned in today’s episode:


FREE instant access to the eBooks Workshop Replay: bit.ly/ebookreplay

Get all the details and join us inside of eBook in a Weekend – We kick off THIS Friday, March 29, 2019: eBook in a Weekend

Listen to Yong’s eBook journey on Episode 203