166 – 3 Tips to Help Kids Use Tech to Share Their Stories & Voices Intentionally

There’s no greater gift we can give our kids than the skills to use their devices with an intention to CREATE and not just consume information.

As we head into a new season of learning, I want to share 3 ways you can help your kiddos use the devices and tech they’re already using to share their voices with the world.

162 – What the heck is an Alexa Flash Briefing?

I had a conversation the recently with Kim White about podcasts and our new Alexa Flash Briefing.

Kim told me she didn’t know what a flash briefing was and that conversation was the inspiration for today’s video.

As business owners, we often forget that not everyone has a basis for the subjects we are sharing. And so it has been with me and Alexa. Today, I’ll be sharing who Alexa is, what she can do, and how to listen to our daily flash briefing, Raising Creators.


161 – Bliss Beyond Naptime

I recently read Lori Harder‘s book, A Tribe Called Bliss, and since then, I’ve been giving much more thought about the company I keep and being much more intentional about the tribes of women with whom I connect with on the regular.

The Law of Attraction has definitely been in play around this idea of bliss – how to cultivate and live it.

I recently connected with Kathy Hajduk Stowell inside Renee Hribar‘s tribe, Entrepreneurial Parents Movement for our monthly Podcast Listener’s Club. She mentioned that she’d love to be a guest on our podcast and quickly scheduled a time for the interview.

And our topic – finding bliss and using it as a springboard for building an online business.

Know someone that could benefit from this conversation, please share.

160 – There’s someone out there waiting for you

I have a little secret for you…

There’s someone waiting for YOU to step further into your greatness and to impact their lives.

There’s someone waiting for YOU to share your challenges, your failures, and your wins.

There’s someone waiting for you to walk alongside them on their journey and to know they’re not alone.

There’s someone waiting for you…

And I’m here to help you help that someone by starting your very own podcast – for yourself, your business, or with your family.

Someone out there is waiting for you to graduate from Podcast in a Weekend. Find out how you can join Round 2.