142 Becoming a Podcast Family

What happens when a family learns to podcast together?


When we’re able to combine our kids’ love of devices and tech, with our desire as parents to create meaning memories and to learn and work side by side to create something together, life becomes truly magical.

Our guest today is a recent graduate (along with her twin tweens) of our Becoming a Podcast Family Experience. Wendy shares takeaways, wins, and what’s next for her and her kids on their podcast.

139 – Giving Kids Tools to Use Their Voices for Good

Helping kids share their voices to create more good in the world is something that is near and dear to my heart. In today’s episode, Rebel on the Go, Wendy Livingston Guth, interviews me. Wendy and her kids Jake and Becca are recent graduates of our Becoming a Podcast Family Experience and we’re dreaming big dreams for the future of OYC.

135 – Market Your Biz Better

Today’s episode is an interview I did with my good friend, and marketing bestie, Deb LaFlamme on her new podcast, Market Your Biz Better.

You’ll find out how Deb and I connected and what she’s been able to create by taking action on what we share here at Our Young Creators.