126 – Helping Our Kids Make a Bigger Impact

Last week we dove into making our own bigger impact. Today, we’re chatting about how we can help our KIDS make a bigger impact so that they can share their gifts, talents, stories, and message with the world. At OYC, we help kids do just this by giving them tools to use the devices they’re already glued to and turn consumption time into creation time. With these skills, they can go out into the world to serve others, create a life of their dreams, and fund their own adventures.

125 – Systems to the Rescue

For many entrepreneurs, systems are an afterthought – and not something considered fun or sexy. Having a business on both sides of systems, I can say with absolute certainty that while systems do take thought and action to implement, they are a game changer, saving time, and more. Our resident Systems Expert on the podcast is Marina Darlow – a systems’ expert, and a productivity geek. 

She sees her job as helping impact-driven entrepreneurs get 10-20 more productive hours a week, stop leaking money, and prevent stress-fuel breakdowns.

An engineer by training, Marina came to a realization a couple of years ago: working for a conglomerate is not as inspiring as she wants her life work to be. The quest for inspiration brought her to found Vision Framework, a company that builds small, purpose-driven businesses from the inside, helping entrepreneurs run their companies with ease by putting effective, easy-to-use, and fun (yep!) systems in place.

124 – How Are You Going to Make a Bigger Impact?

How are you going to make a bigger impact this year? Can you use audio and a podcast to do it – you bet! Find out how OYC is making a bigger impact in 2018 and how we can help YOU do the same!

123 – Branding with Amber Brooks

On today’s podcast, we’re chatting with Brand Voice Strategist, Amber Brooks. Tune in to get Amber’s pro advice on creating a brand for your podcast so that your message resonates with your audience.

Amber helps coaches, consultants, and strategists transform their businesses and make a profoundly bigger impact by taking their messaging from scattered to aligned by developing a richer brand voice and compelling copy so they can reach more of the right people and make a bigger impact.

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121 – Creating Shared Workspaces

Ready to work side by side with your kids? Today on the podcast, we’re talking all about creating shared workspaces with our guest, Diane Thompson.

Diane helps mom entrepreneurs and side hustlers to create and organize their shared home office spaces. She knows firsthand that working from the comfort to of your living room, dining room, or bedroom as a unique set of challenges, and is on a mission to make working from home easier for you! She is a chemist by trade and an organizer by passion and has been organizing other people’s stuff since middle school. Her first entrepreneurial venture was an Etsy shop selling crochet hats and bags. She loves home cooked dinner partied and spending time with her family, music and red wine!”