119 – Do It Scared

Have you ever felt fear in your life? We all have. In order to move forward in our businesses or even as a parent, we have to be willing to do scary things. Leaning into the fear and doing it anyway is our topic for today. It’s been said that we cannot grow inside of our comfort zone. Growth happens just outside our comfort zone. What scary thing will you do today?

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118 – Amplify Your Reach with Video

Do YOU have a message to share?

If so, you’re going to love today’s conversation with Bonnie Bruderer, Founder of Binge Networks. Today we’re chatting all about using video to amplify YOUR message and increase your reach.

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116 – OYC Welcomes Simon Marcus of Pippa

OYC is thrilled to welcome Simon Marcus, CEO of Pippa, our fav podcast hosting service. On this second installment of “What If Wednesdays”, we’re diving into what can happen when we stop and ask questions like:

“What if there’s a better way?”

“What if there’s an easier way?”

“What if we can make a product to impact more people?”

This new series is inspired by the many individuals and families that step up to answer these questions and then create something awesome.

Cheers to the creators!

115 – The OYC PodKit

Have you ever wondered what tools are inside a podcaster’s toolkit? Whether you’re looking to start your podcast or scale it, this week, Yong shares her personal toolkit and how you can get your own copy.

What do you want to CREATE with your kids this summer?

It all starts with intention. Setting the intention, making a plan, and taking action on the plan. And so it is with summer.

In my house, if it’s not on my calendar, it just doesn’t happen. I even plan when I’m going to the grocery store. The weeks I don’t plan my trips, I often end up at the store multiple times. And going to the store (especially the big box stores) more than once per week usually makes me a little grumpy.

When it comes to summer, it’s nice to think about not having a schedule, waking up whenever, and having nothing to do all day long. Don’t get me wrong, having a few days of nothing to do the week after school gets out is a necessity. Anything past that and I start to feel frustrated and so do the kids. The excess energy builds and before I know it, the constant bickering ensues.

Can you relate?

I’d love to know what you’re going to CREATE so we don’t miss these precious moments with our kids – just comment down below the video.

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