This week, I have something special for you diving a bit into the woo woo side of life and business. My personal yoga teacher, Irena Miller, is this week’s guest for not just 1, but 2 episodes!

Today’s podcast is the full-length interview I did with Irena and tomorrow’s episode is the guided visualization Irena shared with us towards the end of the podcast episode.

Irena Miller is an intuitive yoga teacher and Energy Healer. 

Our topic: Tapping into unseen resources to manifest your heart’s greatest desires – using yoga and shifting your energy. We’ll chat about strategies to help clear limiting beliefs or blocks that stand in the way. Often we need more than a massage, more than affirmations, and more than hopeful thinking. 

Using specific techniques that tap into your unseen resources will help you finally make the giant leap forward that you’ve been wishing for. 

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