When it comes to choosing the right conferences and professional development events to attend, do you have a system?

As Yong and oldest daughter Sophie prep to attend Podcast Movement in Orlando next week, she shares her top 10 tips for choosing the right conference on episode, #230 of the In a Weekend Podcast.

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#1 Determine your goals

What do you hope to gain/learn from the event? Is there a specific skill, system, or person you want to meet? Ultimately, choosing the right conference depends on what you are looking to accomplish

#2 Cost 

With so many conferences and professional development events being offered online and off, the cost of the event must be considered. The cost goes beyond a ticket to the event. Take into account the cost of travel, food, lodging, and any extras like outings to enjoy the city or surrounding areas.

#3 Location

Where is the event being held and how easily can you get there? Will you need to fly, drive, sail, etc to attend? 


#4 Length of conference

If you have a family, the length of the conference can make/break your attendance. Don’t forget to take travel time to/from the conference into account.


#5 Who will be there?

Will you know someone there so you won’t feel so disconnected? Will you share a room?

#6 Who are the speakers?

Are the speakers at the event ones you wish to learn from in person? Will their experience/knowledge help you move the needle forward in your business?


#7 The number of sessions and topics included

Are you attending to learn a specific topic? Consider the number of sessions being offered. Are there enough sessions to help you reach your goals?


#8 Format

Will the conference be in lecture format, round table, Q&A, panel discussions, workshops, all of the above? Consider your preferred method of learning and your goals to determine if a conference is right for you.

#9 Networking opportunities

One of the best parts of going to conferences is meeting people. Does the conference you’re considering give you opportunities to connect with attendees before, during, and after the event? Will there be social activities to connect with interesting people (i.e. future guests on your podcasts, collaboration partners, a biz bestie)? 

#10 Be open to opportunities

Once you’ve gone through these tips, don’t forget to stay open to opportunities that may “fall into your lap.” This was the case with Yong and Podcast Movement. Though she had always considered attending, it wasn’t until she was asked to help at the Repurpose booth (her fav automation software) that all the pieces came together.