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Content Gold Mine???

It’s time to mine for the literal GOLD that already exists in YOUR content!

Whether you’re just starting on your content creation journey or you’re a prolific creator, we’re here to help YOU Amplify Your Awesome™ with the right tools, systems, and support.

Got content?

Of course you do!

As a content creator – podcaster, blogger, video creator, or author – you regularly create awesome content. Plus you have TONS of content you’ve already created.

It’s time to dust off the content in your vault and breathe new life into it by repurposing strategically to reach more of the right people.


Together we’ll give your content some much needed C.P.R.: Curate – Prioritize – and Repurpose your content strategically and consistently so that we can Amplify Your Awesome™!


I’m Yong

I’m a woman of many titles:
mom, wife, lover of animals, books and the great outdoor, author, and podcast host here at Amplify Your Awesome™.

I’m a 4/6 Emotional Energy Projector [Human Design] and I connecting with others fuels me in so many ways.

As a former professional dancer and performing arts studio owner turned Dr. Content (as dubbed by my students and clients), I understand the frustrations that often come with sharing your content strategically.

Let’s dive in and get your content into the hands and hearts of more people by repurposing your awesome content in a way that supports YOU!

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Arena of Awesome

Arena of Awesome with Yong Pratt

Ready to dig in and discover your awesome?

Inside the Arena, we’ll

📣 Peel back the layers to reveal our REAL selves: All that makes us unique. All that makes us AWESOME


📣 Refine the skills we need to stand out and confidently walk to our rightful place, center arena, amplifying what makes our hearts sing


📣 Applaud each other’s efforts, push one another to be our best selves, and show up consistently to create the businesses of our dreams.


It’s time to Amplify Your Awesome™ inside the Arena!


Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast

Learn on the go with the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast.

Season 5 is focused on sharing stories of the many ways in which content creators are starting and scaling their businesses by amplifying everything that makes them so awesome . Take a listen to the Season 5 Trailer 

 ” Wanna make a bigger impact?

Grab your cape and get ready to soar into the lives of your ideal clients, sharing your awesome content in all the places they hang out online and off.”

– Yong Pratt


What We Do

We help Coaches and Course Creators ditch content overwhelm, dig into an endless supply of social media content, and make more money by unearthing the literal gold mine buried within their content. 

"I took Yong’s Podcast in a Weekend class and was BLOWN AWAY at how easy it was!! In less than a day my podcast was launched and live!!!! If you want to learn podcasting made simple, Yong is DEFINITELY your girl!! Don’t walk.... RUN to get her stuff!! You WON’T regret it! 🤩🤩"

Nicole Thompson

"What can I say - to go from dreaming of having a podcast to actually launching one in such a short period of time. It was a true dream come true and has allowed me a platform to begin sharing my message with the world."

Cyndilu Miller

"Yong Pratt and her revolutionary podcasting process are making history by giving the quick step by step instructions to implement in one weekend her powerful system. She is known as the Repurpose Queen for a reason! I now have a podcast and have saved more time during my week than I would if I didn't have a podcast. Seems crazy but it's true!!!"

Kim White

content Gold Mining™ examples & More!

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