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Yong’s method of teaching is concise, to the point and so perfectly step-by-step! She has a NO FAIL teaching method that literally anyone can use! Even someone without any tech skills can easily go from nothing to live podcast within a weekend! I went from feeling completely frustrated that I might never be able to launch my podcast to OVERJOYED because I LAUNCHED IT in less than a day with Yong’s course! If you’ve ever wanted a podcast but didn’t know where to begin… ‘Podcast in a Weekend’ is ABSOLUTELY the course for you! 

Nicole Thompson

Founder, Nicole Thompson NOW!

Yong Pratt and her revolutionary podcasting process are making history by giving the quick step by step instructions to implement in one weekend her powerful system. She is known as the Repurpose Queen for a reason! I now have a podcast and have saved more time during my week than I would if I didn’t have a podcast. Seems crazy but it’s true!!!

Kim White

Founder, My Sexy Business

Writing a book not only boosted my credentials, positioned me as an expert, and helped me build my perfect audience, it also made me feel accomplished! I recommend eBook in a Weekend to everybody and anybody who has an idea and wants to get it out in the world! Yong and Kim will take you through the process step by step!!

Christie Garcie

Sparkle Your Star: THE Dance Competition Guide

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